Lumary Smart Twin LED Strip Light

LED light strips have advanced a good deal over the years and this new twin 5M kit from Lumary is one of the best configured, most versatile, and easiest to use I have tried yet. It contains all you need to get going and allows for room for expansion later. This latest generation kit is a marked step upwards from the older ones and is better made and easier to fit although at £37.10 is slightly dearer.

In the attractive and well designed product box are the usual components: two self Adhesive 5050 5m Light strips, a UK Power supply, mounting kit, and a User Guide. The User Guide is indicative of just how far these kits have developed as it is well written, nicely printed and easy to read.

Fitting could not be easier but it is safest to get everything connected and working on the bench before mounting the strips in place. Carefully cut the LED strip to the lengths you want at the marked points, peel off the backing from the LED strip and stick it in place. The two strips can be connected using the tiny female to male adapter provided. One strip has an adapter pre-installed and connect that end to the power supply.

Install the Lumary app to your phone, register an account and ensure the phone is connected to a 2.4Ghz wireless network (not 5Ghz!). The strips can be added in several ways but I found the Easy Mode to be the best. Power on the strip which should start flashing, enable Bluetooth on your phone, and press the button in the app to add a new device. Select ‘Strip Lights (Wifi)’ and the app should detect the strip and walk you through the setup process. Continue to follow the screen instructions to connect it to Amazon Alexa or Google Home to get full voice control and additional features

The fitted LED strips if discreetly mounted can be left in place for future festive occasions, otherwise, they can be carefully removed and returned to the box ready for future use. As with all LED strips over time the sticky strip backing will come loose and so for a long time use a more permanent clip mounting method should be used and clips for this are included with this kit. The strips are IP44 waterproof and so should be OK for use in the garden, but I suspect that does not apply to the power supply adapter.

Once set up and running you can select a range of colours and lighting modes available as well as schedules, timers and chained event routines and all with full voice control.

The user-friendliness and build quality of this kit make it better than most and well worth the price and for that price, it is a great addition to your smart home.

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