Eono EP1 59” Phone Stand Tripod Review

I have tried quite a few combined tripods and selfie sticks before and whilst most work OK as Selfie Sticks, few are more than barely adequate tripods. Not so here. This new model from Eono serves not only as an extra-long and super robust selfie stick but also is a very decent quality small to mid-sized tripod. Priced at £32.99 the build quality is reflected in the price but is it worth the difference?

In the attractive and rather upscale box are the tripod, pan and tilt camera mount, a robust and fully adjustable phone mount, a soft carry case, and a well-written and easy to read user guide. Construction is first-rate with heavy-duty ABS and aluminium alloy. The two supplied heads just screw in place on top of the tripod and can be quickly and easily removed or swapped over. In fact, almost any standard screw fitting camera or video accessory can be used, including barn door lights, ring lights, boom arms or music stands. The tripod has a low centre of gravity and so offers a good stable base for even quite heavy mounted items.

The 510g tripod has two stage extensions to give a total height of 59″ (151 cm) and I was pleased to see that the extensions have quick-release/locking grips rather than simple rotating clamps. This makes for easier and faster use and allows the user to see at a glance if the extensions are fully extended. When fully retracted the tripod is just 49.5 cm in length.

The fully rotating phone clamp is larger, better made and easier to use than most of the rivals I have tried and once in place is more secure. It is a pity a larger clamp was not included as the strength and stability of this tripod could easily hold even a large tablet.

The pan and tilt camera head has a quick release plate for ease of use and although not as heavy duty as those found on dedicated camera tripods it is most certainly a step up from the simple pan and tilt heads usually supplied with selfie sticks.

The EP1 is perhaps more of a tripod than a selfie stick. Although it works perfectly well as a super robust extra long selfie stick, the folded tripod legs do make it thicker and heavier than the simple cheap selfie sticks usually found. However, those with strong arms can use it with full size cameras too large for the smaller rival sticks.

This is by far the most robust and professional looking selfie stick/mini tripod I have yet tried. Build quality is both robust and first-rate with nothing looking likely to ever break, fail or fall off any time soon.

The only criticism is that unlike most of the cheaper rivals, no Bluetooth camera remote control is included in the kit. Also, remember this is not a small device and is too large to slip into a pocket as is possible with some of the lighter selfie stick rivals. Otherwise, it is an excellent and versatile pro-level device and deserves a place in the gadget bag of any serious blogger or selfie taker.

The Good
Great Build Quality
Stable Tripod
Long 2 stage Extension
Good Presentation
Professional Look and Feel

The Bad
No Bluetooth Remote Control
No Tablet Mount

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