Torchtree Solar Watering Can Light Review

I was not expecting too much from this novelty garden light, but in fact in the right setting, it is rather nice and not a bad buy for just £13.99.

In the plain unbranded box, you get the 720g, 21 x 14.5 x 20 cm, watering can in three parts – the body, the spout and the handle, all seem to be made of lightweight brass and clip together for use. Included is a large ground spike hook from which the watering can is suspended in use, the ground spike is made from lightweight metal in four parts and screws together. The solar panel/battery box unit is made from plastic and forms the lid of the unit with the on/off power switch on the underside. A thin wire from the battery box connects to the trailing LED light strips which emerge from the watering can spout. The kit comes with a credit card sized remote control with 28 dedicated and clearly marked soft-touch buttons. Finally, a rather poorly printed two page user guide is included which explains the use and operation of the unit.

Build quality is lightweight, as to be expected for the price, but it all fits together well enough and looks the part when in place. Although it is waterproof and designed for outdoor use nevertheless I would suggest taking it indoors for the winter to be on the safe side.

Care needs to be taken to get the best from this light. Make sure to locate it where it can get the maximum amount of sunlight for the solar panel and then take time to position the strings from the spout in as natural a way as possible to give the effect of a flow of light.

Operation is simple enough. Turn the switch on the underside of the solar panel to On – the unit will then charge during the day and come on at dusk if left unattended. The remote control can be used to activate a timer, vary the brightness, select a colour or chose one of eight multi-colour operating modes.

The overall effect is as good as you chose to make it and in the right setting when properly configured it can be remarkable and far better than can be expected for the budget price.

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