DBPOWER 17.9″ Portable DVD Player Review

DBPower is a name well known in tech circles for the range and quality of their products and this new stand-alone DVD player is no exception.
It can play multi-region DVDs and audio discs, along with a wide range of files on SD cards or USB drives.

In the large but attractively designed box can be found the player itself, a UK power adapter, remote control, remote control battery set, car power adapter, RCA cable set, and a nicely printed and easy to read user guide.

Build quality seems fine, the DVD player is far lighter at 2.6Kg than might be expected for the 17.9″ size but it feels well made and robust. The remote control is fairly small with a large number of tiny and hard to decipher buttons but the build quality is good and it feels well made enough.

Looking at the player itself, it has a large and bright 15.6″ LCD screen with a 1200 x 800 pixel resolution. The discs are loaded into a top opening panel on the inside face of the unit and is surrounded by a range of controls, all with large buttons and a positive clicky operation. On one side is a port bay containing a USB A port, full sized SD card slot, 3.5mm audio jack port, RCA in and out ports, a Power On/Off slider and a power in port.

On the left of the disc bay are buttons for Mode, Subtitles, Audio, Mute, Rewind, and Fast Forward. Next to it is a jog wheel for Volume and Forward/Back with in the centre a button to call up the Settings menu. On the right of the disc compartment are buttons for TFT On/Off, USB/Card input, Setup, Stop, Play/Pause, and Up, Down, Right, Left navigation. Selecting Settings gives access to a wide range of options to allow for almost every situation, but probably most users will not need to go there.

The remote control is well made with a good positive feel to the buttons. It has no less than 44 buttons and allows almost every feature to be selected and controlled but the small size of the buttons make this a difficult and confusing task. In any case, I doubt many people will want to use this device with a remote. The cables and accessories are pretty much standard and of decent quality.

The region-free unit can play DVDs, CDs and most types of audio and video files on disc, SD card or external USB drive. It can also connect to external devices using the supplied RCA cables but sadly there is no HDMI port or Bluetooth connection option. However, you can connect external source devices and view the output on the DVD player screen.

I have to say the video and audio quality are better than I expected, previous players I have tested have not been good, Video is good and bright, sharp and with well saturated colours. I did find the angle of view to be quite tight and it is best to sit directly facing the screen for best results. The screen is ball and socket mounted and can be swivelled and rotated to almost any position to make viewing easier.

This is a nice device, well made and easy to use and target, I suspect, at no techy users that will not mind the absence of HDMI and Bluetooth and will use this to revive and enjoy their collections of old DVDs and CDs.

Not a bad buy, I think, for a penny under £100

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