TBHATFY TB1001 Computer Soundbar

This is not a soundbar designed to work with your TV, it is a computer soundbar which sits on your desk in front of your monitor, is, although it will work with any Bluetooth or 3.5mm jack connected sound source. The stying of the unit is certainly designed with the computer in mind with large top-panel controls and with the speaker output at an angle facing the user. It looks good too, positioned below my PC with the main controls and arm’s reach away.

In the box were the SoundBar, micro-USB charging cable, audio cable and a well written and easy to read User Guide. Build quality seems fine, the device seems very robust with nothing looking likely to break or fail. The whole soundbar has a very subtle smooth silk black finish which is attractive to the eye and the touch.

The front of the device is plain with nothing visible other than the speakers dimly behind the grill covering the whole front panel. On the rear is a bay with ports for 3.5mm audio, TF Card, USB-A, and a standard micro-USB power-in port with next to it the power on/off turret switch. I was pleased to see that a standard USB power cable can be used, a pleasing change from rivals using a non-standard and hard to replace card. On top are large, easy-access buttons for mode selection (USB, TF Card, Aux, Bluetooth), track selection and play/pause/Calls. The small microphone aperture and charging status LED are here too.

The unit is rechargeable with a two hour charge given multiple hours of use with a small status LED confiming charging status. The speaker can operate normally when charging, so there is no need to unplug it.

Bluetooth pairing is quick and simple. Turn the speaker on and it will default to Bluetooth mode, turn your phone to pairing mode and connect to ’TB1001’. A voice prompt will confirm the connection as it does with any change of operating mode.

The unit packs quite a punch from the two polypropylene drivers, with a decent bass level even when limited by the size of the device at 2.7 x 17.5 x 2.7 inches with a weight of just a touch under two pounds. For the size, it must be said the sound output is pretty impressive. That may be in part due to the clever 15-degree oblique angle sound propagation design which drives the sound forward and upwards towards the listener.

For me, the main feature is the use of Bluetooth 5 technology, one of the first I have tried in a soundbar. Bluetooth 5 is a big step forward and gives easier pairing, reduced lag, greater range and a more stable connection. Certainly, I found pairing could not be easier and with none of the usual latency found with older Bluetooth devices.

This new soundbar, currently available for $49.99 before discounts, will make a very decent addition to your home computer office setup.

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