Eono ETP25 Flexible Tripod Review

There are a vast number of flexible leg mini tripods out there but this one is better than most and at £15.99 discounted from £19.99 will certainly not break the bank. The price is pretty typical for this type of tripod but this one has a quality professional feel to it that many of the others lack.

In the box were the tripod itself, phone mount, smartphone adapter, and a simple but well written user guide. Build quality seems fine and better than expected for the price.

The sturdy tripod legs are fully flexible and completely waterproof with tough anti-slip rubber skin, a big improvement on the plastic tiles too often used. The camera mount is a standard ball and socket type which will firmly hold any small to medium-sized camera or phone with a standard 1/4-inch mounting screw thread. The included smartphone clamp takes phones between 1.9 and 3.9 inches wide and I was pleased to see the clamp has threads for horizontal and verticle mounting. The tripod can support weights up to 2.2 lb, enough for a DSLR with a medium telephoto lens in place.

The octopus style legs can be bent and folded to almost any position to allow the tripod to be clamped to any object they can fold around. The legs can be quickly folded together to serve as a handgrip for a mounted camera. Due to their size, they are a little stiffer to use than some others but the rubber skin and thicker core ultimately give them a firmer grip when in place. The sealed skin on the legs means there is no danger of water getting inside, as often happens with lesser rivals. The inner core is made from aluminium alloy for strength and additional corrosion protection.

There is a built-in ball and socket head giving 360° coverage for any mounted camera or phone with an easy access knob to lock it in position. There is no quick-release plate here which is probably no bad thing as the small sized ones are usually poorly made and unstable. The build quality of the head is equal to that of the tripod itself and has a reassuring professional feel to it.

This is a well made mini tripod that comes with all the adapters you are likely to need and is a step up from the no-name budget rivals which cannot last the course. For the budget price seems a decent buy.

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