Amisglass Whiskey Decanter And Glass Set

I was expecting too much here but in fact, I was pleasantly surprised by this new three piece decanter set from Amisglass for the price of a touch under £30.

The set itself, which consists of a 9 x 21.5 cm 700 ml decanter and two 8.3 x 9.5 cm 300 ml glasses, has got some weight to it, the engraving feels like it has been cut and not moulded and the lead free glass is crystal clear. This does not feel like a high end glassware set but neither does it feel cheap and nasty. It is a perfectly decent decanter fit for use in the home bar or at the dinner table

The only letdown with the set is the presentation. It was very well protected in heavy-duty cardboard with thick foam protection. The box itself was plain brown cardboard when a tastefully designed themed lightweight outer box should also have been used.

Nobody is going to think this is Waterford crystal, but this is a nice enough set and you would be doing well to find anything better for the price.

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