Eono EBC100 10×42 Binoculars with Smartphone Adapter

These are the first binoculars I have tried that came with a smartphone adapter, and so I was keen to give them a try.

The binoculars arrived packaged in an attractive mid-range display box which adds to the appeal as a gift. Inside aside from the binoculars themselves was a semi-rigid carry case, neck strap, eyepiece and lens covers (both prefitted), cleaning cloth, user manual and the smartphone adapter.

The build quality seems fine to me. There was no sign of any production problems, no chaff or swarf left over adhering to the binoculars and from top to bottom the construction seems first rate. The binoculars are slightly lighter at 470g than my usual ones but I soon got used to the reduced weight and bulk. The carry case is slightly padded and is tough enough to protect the contents from liquid and scuffing. The binoculars are finished in a silk-finished rubberised skin and this both looks and feels good. The eyepiece lens covers are soft and flexible but are not fixed to the binoculars as some are and so are liable to be lost. The covers for the big objective lenses are also soft, flexible and easy to fit but are secured to the body by removable bands. The User Guide although basic is relatively large, well written and unlike those with many imported products actually easy to read. I don’t you will need to use it.

The binoculars use BAK-4 Prisms, an improvement evidently on the lesser BAK-7 variety although how evident this is I cannot say but it does mean that obvious corners have not been cut when constructing these binoculars. There is a right adjustable diopter eyepiece – used after focusing the main wheel for the left eye to adjust the right eye focus to balance it – which I found on my review unit it worked perfectly well. The eyepiece rubber cups will fold back to make life easier for us spectacle wearers and when viewing I found the image to bright and sharp with no colour fringing or other obvious optical aberrations. They are light enough for easy use but weighty enough to give a quality feel and to hold easily to the eyes for sustained periods without trembling.

The included smartphone adapter is cleverly designed although does not feel quite so well made as the binoculars themselves. The adapter clips over the camera lens of your phone and then over one of the binocular eyepieces to produce a circular image on the camera screen. The binoculars can then be focused in the usual way to produce a sharp and bright image. Getting this set up can be a bit tricky but it should work with pretty much any phone given time.

This is a good quality pair of binoculars fine for general purpose use. The current £36.79 price is fine for the quality of the product and it is hard to find a reason not to give them a good rating.

The Good
Good build quality
BAK-4 Prisms optics
Suitable for glasses wearers
Good User Guide
Nice packaging
Padded carry case

The Bad
Smartphone Adapter Fiddly To Use
No Tripod Mount

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