Good Morning Vietnam Roasted Coffee Beans from Mr. Viet

From the moment you open the pack, you can smell these are very fine beans indeed, with a deep, full, rich coffee aroma. An espresso brewed in my bean-to-cup machine was smooth and full, with a good crema and complex, aromatic, complex, dark-chocolate flavour, with a sweet aftertaste, practically no bitterness at all.

When brewed as a cafe creme, with a dash of hot milk, it made a wonderfully smooth, mild latte, with that same chocolate flavour typical of the best quality, high grown beans, with none of the oily flavour or bitter aftertaste one sometimes finds with lower-quality mountain beans; it reminded me of my favourite Java Kalibaru beans.

A lovely round, smooth, easy-drinking coffee, equally good drunk black or white. Expensive at £13.99 for 55g, for sure, but very well-worth paying a little extra for such a fine, delicious coffee.

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LuxVista 45W 4500Lm E40 LED Lamp 6000K 2-pack

This twin pack of two gargantuan LED bulbs is designed for use in factories, barns or large garages that can cope with the 4500Lm light output each bulb generates. They use the large size E40 Edison screw fitting – not to be confused with the smaller and more common E27 and E14 sizes – which is not often used in the UK.

The bulbs arrived individually and attractively boxed and protected by layers of bubble wrap. Each bulb is 10.4″ tall by 2.8″ diameter and contains no less than 140 individual LED’s housed in an aluminium and heat resistant plastic casing. The Corn Light shape is designed to ensure a full 360 degrees light coverage.

Before buying these bulb ensure that they are not too large for your light fittings and that you have the correct E40 fitting. That said, there are UK Bayonet (B22) to E40 adapters available at a decent price, the one I used cost just £1.40, so in fact, you could maybe use an existing light fixture.

Priced at £40.99 for the pair these bulbs are not inexpensive but they are super high power bulbs designed for specialised use and if the claimed 35,000-hour lifespan is accurate then they may prove to be something of a bargain.

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Luxvista 30W 3000lm 6oooK B22 LED Light Bulb


This huge bulb – 18.5 x 7.1 x 7.1 cm – is designed for use in a barn or large garage and although it takes the standard UK B22 bayonet fitting it is far too bright and much too big to be used in the house.

The 30w/3000L bulb is certainly very well made and seems very robust and strong enough for commercial or garage use. The bulb itself is made from aluminium alloy housed in a transparent plastic shell revealing the 92 LEDs inside. It arrived packaged in an attractive and robust thick cardboard box with the essential information about the printed on it.

The bulb comes on instantly and is certainly very bright and during my tests was easily able to illuminate my entire garden with no dark spots or reduced output areas. The colour temperature is rated at 6000K and this equates to daylight on a bright but overcast day.

The current Amazon price of £17.99 does not seem unreasonable to me for a product of this quality assuming the claimed 35,000-hour life is accurate and I see no reason to doubt it.

This is a high-quality bulb for specialised uses and seems a very decent buy to me.

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WASAGA XM-L2 LED Flashlight Set

Currently reduced in price at Amazon to just £9.99 this is one of those products you have to ask ‘How can they do it for the price?’.

In the rather uninspiring plain brown box was the torch itself with lanyard attached, a 18650 battery, plastic battery protector, battery charger, UK plug power adapter, USB charging, cable, belt loop case, AAA battery holder, bicycle mount. No User Guide or storage case was included which is a pity because with this amount of kit some sort of storage for it is a must. Also, the simple packaging reduces the appeal of the item as a gift.

The torch itself has a metal body and feels very robust and strong. The front of the torch can be easily adjusted just by pulling back and forth to zoom the torch in and out from a very tight to a very wide angle of coverage. Operating the torch is done through the single button on the rear of the device. Press and repress to scroll through three levels of brightness, strobe and SOS flashing modes. Waiting more than two seconds between button presses reverts the torch back to standard mode. All torches seem to come with these flashing modes which I have never used and regarded as an annoyance only! The torch is rated IPX-6 waterproof which means effectively that is proof against everything short of water immersion.

The torch can be operated using either the enclosed rechargeable 18650 battery or three standard AAA batteries using the supplied holder. Best results will always be obtained using the 18650 battery but it is handy having the more easily found AAA battery use available as an option. The rotatable bike mount seems as tough and robust as the torch itself but I have yet to test it in a night time ride yet. The torch is certainly very powerful and although I have seen brighter ones they have all been priced at several times the price of this one.

This is an excellent torch, with a powerful light and robust construction and at a price that is remarkable for the quality.

The Good
Powerful bright light
Zoom Feature
Good Build Quality
Multiple Light Modes

The Bad
No Carry Case
No User Guide
Unattractive Packaging

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Bukm 36 Pcs 10mm X3mm Neodymium Magnet set


This fun little set of magnets from Bukm arrived simply packaged in a sealed bag with the magnets housed in a plastic storage box within. No instructions or paperwork were included, but then none were needed.

The tiny magnets, each just 10mm by 3mm are all unmarked and the same on both sides and have a stainless steel appearance. They really are immensely powerful for their size and I found them perfectly capable of securing multiple sheets of paper or card to a verticle metallic surface.

For me, I will use them as a desktop toy to fiddle with when in moments of contemplation and as a way of fixing notes and clippings to the refrigerator. No doubt there are plenty of other uses for them.

Take note that these are not toys and should be kept well out of the way of children and animals as they are too easily swallowed. If you need a set of super powerful mini-magnets then this set, currently priced at just £7.29 would be an excellent buy.

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Luxvista B22 Bayonet Cap LED Corn Light Bulbs Cool White


This two pack of extra large LED bulbs are designed for use with garden lights or perhaps for garages and barns as despite using just 22w of power they are too big and powerful for use inside the living area of a home. That said, they use the standard B22 bayonet bulb fitting and so will work anywhere that such a fixture is used.

The bulbs arrived simply packed in bubble wrap within two plain white boxes, No paperwork or information was included other than that on the box. Build quality seems first rate and these bulbs are clearly designed for long-term use outside of the home. The bulbs are much bigger than normal at 15 x 4.6 x 4.6 cm and so will only fit suitably sized fixtures, so take care to check they are not too big for your needs.

The bulbs really are very bright indeed and just one bulb illuminated my garden with a cool but not harsh light. The light is rated at 6000K which equates to that of an overcast day at noon.

The price of £18.86 for the pair is excellent given the power of these bulbs and the high-quality construction. Remember these bulbs are not designed for normal use inside the home but if you have a suitable garden, garage, or barn location then these could be just what you need.

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iSmartAlarm KP3G Smart Keypad, Black

I first bought the iSmart Alarm System some time ago when it was Kickstarter Project and have been very happy with it. Over time I have extended the system until it now has two door sensors, motion detection PIR, two keyfob controls, and four cameras. Now available at last in the UK I decided to add the wall panel to the setup. This is not a strictly necessary addition as the alarm status can be controlled from the smartphone app and keyfobs but the wall pad does make it a simpler process to change the system status and gives a visual indication if it is armed or not.

In the box, which has the high-end Apple-like feel of all the iSmartalarm range, was the keypad, metal wall plate, double sided
mounting pads, screw and wall plug, three AAA batteries, and a small and hard to read multi-language User Guide.

Installing the unit could not be simpler. The metal wall mount can be fixed to the wall using either the single screw provided or the two double sided sticky mounts. The keypad then attaches magnetically to the wall plate. I used the sticky pads and they seem rock solid so far. To connect the wireless keypad to the alarm system again could not be simpler. Just open the smartphone app and click on the button to add a new device. The app walks you through the simple procedure and at once detects the keypad, adds it to your system and allows you to configure it if you need to directly on the screen. When working the keypad will illuminate briefly as you approach it and show the current system mode.

The keypad does not add much functionality to the existing setup in that you can already use the key fob and app to arm and disarm the system. To use the keypad you need to define a four number security code to be used before pressing the mode button you need – 1234 ‘ARM’ etc. However, you can now assign temporary or one time use security codes so guests or tradesmen can disarm and initiate the system without knowing the normal code. One minor issue is that you can only access those modes for which there are buttons on the keypad – Arm, Disarm and Home. If you use the app to make custom modes then these cannot be accessed directly from the pad unless you reconfigure one of the existing buttons to a new mode.

Priced at £41.94 this is not a cheap addition to your alarm but the build quality is first rate and the keypad looks and feels like a quality item. It does not add a great deal of functionality but it does simplify using this already versatile and powerful and simple to use alarm.

The Good
Simple to configure
Allows temporary access codes
Visual status display

The Bad
Cannot be used with custom modes

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