SEEDIQ 24W Remote Control LED Ceiling Light

I needed a new ceiling light for the spare room. The last one had all sorts of whistles and bells I didn’t need and so when it packed in I decided to look around for a more basic model. I found this 24w 29 cm diameter model from SEEDIQ which gives me everything I want with a minimum of fuss and bother. The main selling points of this model are the super slim design, remote control and the dedicated colour nightlight mode.

In the box is just the light unit itself together with a simple screw fitting kit and a large, well written and informative user guide. The lamp is lightweight and is a single slimline unit with no access to the wiring inside. The lamp is not waterproof but it is rated at IP40 dustproof as well as fireproof.

At 8oog it is very lightweight, which means it is less robust but easier to install onto the ceiling where it is held in place by just a couple of screws fitted through the detachable mounting bracket. The shade can then be fitted after the bracket is attached to the ceiling. The only wiring needed is to connect the colour-coded plus and negative wires to the existing ceiling wiring.

The light comes with a full sized remote control, well marked and easy to use. This allows you to control the colour temperature of the main white light between a warm 3000K to a cool 6000K, and both this and the brightness can be controlled either gradually or using presets. You can also activate and control the RGB backlight, which encircles the main light when in Nightlight mode which is a very pleasing effect, I must say.

The light seems reliable enough, is good and bright, and the nightlight is very attractive too. It all seems to be working well and so far it has not let me down and I do not expect it to do so in the future.

If you need a simple and easy to use ceiling light with nightlight for a small to medium-sized room, with Alexa or Google control then at just £27.99 this may be for you.

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Eono EP1 59” Phone Stand Tripod Review

I have tried quite a few combined tripods and selfie sticks before and whilst most work OK as Selfie Sticks, few are more than barely adequate tripods. Not so here. This new model from Eono serves not only as an extra-long and super robust selfie stick but also is a very decent quality small to mid-sized tripod. Priced at £32.99 the build quality is reflected in the price but is it worth the difference?

In the attractive and rather upscale box are the tripod, pan and tilt camera mount, a robust and fully adjustable phone mount, a soft carry case, and a well-written and easy to read user guide. Construction is first-rate with heavy-duty ABS and aluminium alloy. The two supplied heads just screw in place on top of the tripod and can be quickly and easily removed or swapped over. In fact, almost any standard screw fitting camera or video accessory can be used, including barn door lights, ring lights, boom arms or music stands. The tripod has a low centre of gravity and so offers a good stable base for even quite heavy mounted items.

The 510g tripod has two stage extensions to give a total height of 59″ (151 cm) and I was pleased to see that the extensions have quick-release/locking grips rather than simple rotating clamps. This makes for easier and faster use and allows the user to see at a glance if the extensions are fully extended. When fully retracted the tripod is just 49.5 cm in length.

The fully rotating phone clamp is larger, better made and easier to use than most of the rivals I have tried and once in place is more secure. It is a pity a larger clamp was not included as the strength and stability of this tripod could easily hold even a large tablet.

The pan and tilt camera head has a quick release plate for ease of use and although not as heavy duty as those found on dedicated camera tripods it is most certainly a step up from the simple pan and tilt heads usually supplied with selfie sticks.

The EP1 is perhaps more of a tripod than a selfie stick. Although it works perfectly well as a super robust extra long selfie stick, the folded tripod legs do make it thicker and heavier than the simple cheap selfie sticks usually found. However, those with strong arms can use it with full size cameras too large for the smaller rival sticks.

This is by far the most robust and professional looking selfie stick/mini tripod I have yet tried. Build quality is both robust and first-rate with nothing looking likely to ever break, fail or fall off any time soon.

The only criticism is that unlike most of the cheaper rivals, no Bluetooth camera remote control is included in the kit. Also, remember this is not a small device and is too large to slip into a pocket as is possible with some of the lighter selfie stick rivals. Otherwise, it is an excellent and versatile pro-level device and deserves a place in the gadget bag of any serious blogger or selfie taker.

The Good
Great Build Quality
Stable Tripod
Long 2 stage Extension
Good Presentation
Professional Look and Feel

The Bad
No Bluetooth Remote Control
No Tablet Mount

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Lumary Smart Twin LED Strip Light

LED light strips have advanced a good deal over the years and this new twin 5M kit from Lumary is one of the best configured, most versatile, and easiest to use I have tried yet. It contains all you need to get going and allows for room for expansion later. This latest generation kit is a marked step upwards from the older ones and is better made and easier to fit although at £37.10 is slightly dearer.

In the attractive and well designed product box are the usual components: two self Adhesive 5050 5m Light strips, a UK Power supply, mounting kit, and a User Guide. The User Guide is indicative of just how far these kits have developed as it is well written, nicely printed and easy to read.

Fitting could not be easier but it is safest to get everything connected and working on the bench before mounting the strips in place. Carefully cut the LED strip to the lengths you want at the marked points, peel off the backing from the LED strip and stick it in place. The two strips can be connected using the tiny female to male adapter provided. One strip has an adapter pre-installed and connect that end to the power supply.

Install the Lumary app to your phone, register an account and ensure the phone is connected to a 2.4Ghz wireless network (not 5Ghz!). The strips can be added in several ways but I found the Easy Mode to be the best. Power on the strip which should start flashing, enable Bluetooth on your phone, and press the button in the app to add a new device. Select ‘Strip Lights (Wifi)’ and the app should detect the strip and walk you through the setup process. Continue to follow the screen instructions to connect it to Amazon Alexa or Google Home to get full voice control and additional features

The fitted LED strips if discreetly mounted can be left in place for future festive occasions, otherwise, they can be carefully removed and returned to the box ready for future use. As with all LED strips over time the sticky strip backing will come loose and so for a long time use a more permanent clip mounting method should be used and clips for this are included with this kit. The strips are IP44 waterproof and so should be OK for use in the garden, but I suspect that does not apply to the power supply adapter.

Once set up and running you can select a range of colours and lighting modes available as well as schedules, timers and chained event routines and all with full voice control.

The user-friendliness and build quality of this kit make it better than most and well worth the price and for that price, it is a great addition to your smart home.

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Jooayou Pedicure Set Review

All you need for your feet is here. In the attractive mid-market box is the two-speed electric hard skin remover and a full raft of accessories.

The heart of the set is the electric hard skin remover and that seems well made and robust although rather lightweight. It has two selectable speeds, comes with three heads each of a different level of abrasion, and is battery powered with a non-standard USB charging cord included. A single three-hour charge giving around two hours of use. The device has a large but rather dim LED display for the current operating status and battery level. A comprehensive user guide is also included.

A large range of accessories are included including a File, Dead Skin Remover, Brush, Siliconme Blade, Callus Remover
with three spare blades, Roller Head Brush, Forked head prong, Matte Sander, Nail File, Flexible File.

Build quality seems fine, if lightweight, and the electric exfoliator or rated IPX7 water-resistant, which means it will be fine for bathroom use. The pedicure set is also well made and although also lightweight seems robust enough for everyday use. It is a pity no case is included either for the electric exfoliator or the pedicure kit.

You certainly get a lot for the £15.99 price and although there are many similar rivals out there I doubt if you will find a better one for less.

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Lumary Recessed 5W Smart Downlights Review

This two-piece smart downlighter set from Lumary is well made, robust, and easy to install and is worth paying a bit more for.

The kit arrived in a nicely designed product box with all the important information about the contents clearly given. Inside were the two downlights each with a hard-wired two core cable attached. Also in the box were two cable connectors for each light and a well written, comprehensive, but rather small user guide. The user guide goes into detail about how to add the lights to the Lumary app and Alexa/Google rather than how to physically install the units.

Build quality could really not get better with each of the 5w 350 lumens LED lights made from resin and ABS plastic and having the feel of a quality piece of high-end kit. The IP20 (non waterproof) lights are good and bright and should be able to cope with high ceilings and large floor spaces. In white light mode, the units go from 2700K-6500K and are good and bright. The lights can also be used as coloured feature lights with up to 16 million colours available in a range of patterns and routines. Each light has a beam angle of 52° and can be physically rotated vertically up to 45°. One major selling point for me as they are designed to work directly with UK mains power with no transformer needed.

Although the lights can be turned off and on directly from the wall switch to take full advantage of them they should be used in conjunction with the Lumary app. Install the app to your phone, register an account and ensure the phone is connected to a 2.4Ghz wireless network (not 5Ghz!). The device can be added in several ways but I found the Easy Mode to be the best. Power on the light which should start flashing, enable Bluetooth on you phone, and press the button in the app to add a new device. The app should detect the light and then just follow the app walkthrough to connect up. If necessary Select ‘Light Source BLE+Wifi’. Using the Lumary app, you can link it to Alexa or Google to get full home integration and voice control. Each light must be registered separately but can be controlled as a group when operated by an app or by voice.
It is best to get the lights setup with the Lumary app and Google/Alexa before physically installing the unit into the ceiling.

To fit each unit a circular hole of 75mm-80mm diameter must be made to allow the 70mm light rear panel to pass through and ensure you have a working depth of at least 40mm on the other side. The light unit is itself 37mm thick with an external diameter of 85mm, so the more working space the better. After connecting and testing the wiring to each light the unit can just be carefully pushed through the holes with the metal retaining clips expanding to hold it in place.

That done you can now control the lights together or separately with the Lumary app, Amazon Alexa or Google Home apps or by voice. The lights can be added to routines, so for example, you could set them to switch on and turn Red if an external camera detects movement, or white when you enter the home. If the network goes down they can be simply turned on and off using the wall switch.

This a superior product that is well made, very functional, and nicely presented. When properly fitted it should give years of service for a very reasonable price.

The Good
Great Build Quality
Easy Wiring
Good Price
No Transformer Needed

The Bad
Not Fully Waterproof

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SYLSTAR 24W Smart LED Ceiling Light Review

I needed a new ceiling light for my office. The last one had all sorts of whistles and bells I didn’t need and so when it packed in I decided to look around for a more basic model. I found the 24w 30 cm diameter model SL-CL-24 from SYLSTAR which answers pretty much all my needs.

In the box is just the light unit itself together with a simple screw fitting kit and a well written and informative user guide. The lamp is lightweight but seems well made with a detachable shade to soften the light and give access to the wiring inside. The lamp is IP44 waterproof which means the occasional splashing from the shower or sink will be OK but do not get it properly wet.

At 686g it is very lightweight, which means it is less robust but easier to install onto the ceiling where it is held in place by just a couple of screws fitted through the light unit itself after removing the translucent shade. The shade can then be refitted after the light is attached to the ceiling. The only wiring needed is to connect the colour-coded plus and negative wires to the existing ceiling wiring.

Once fitted simply follow the on screen walkthrough instructions of the Smart Life app to get the light online. Be sure to use only the 2.4ghz stream of your home wifi network to do so and to select Ceiling Light Wifi from the available device options. The light can then be controlled through the app or by voice when connected to Alexa or Google, which again can be done through the Smart Life app. Once online you can vary the colour temperature of the light from warm to cool white (2100K – 6500K), set a dimming level, a timer, or any of a mass of options and routines through Alexa or Google.

It does not offer a range of colours or have a built-in Bluetooth speaker as my last one did but who needs that? At 24w it is easily bright enough for this small room but might struggle a bit with a larger one. I can control it using the Smart Life app from my Android phone or by voice. Of course, if the network goes down I can still turn it off and on using the wall switch.

The light seems reliable enough, is good and bright, and always connects to my home network. So far has never let me down.

If you need a basic ceiling light for a small to medium-sized room, with Alexa or Google control then at just £19.99 this may be for you.

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RealPlus Flexible Mini Tripod Review

I needed a small but sturdy support for a floor level fill light that I use to even out the lighting on my green screen. I have tried quite a few in the past and most of them have packed in after a few weeks. There are a million mini tripods on the market and most of them are cheap and nasty, poorly made with unstable support and hard to adjust legs.

After some thought, I decided on this one and I am not disappointed with it.

In the attractive box are the tripod itself, a ball and socket head, a reversible phone mount, and a rather plush and luxurious storage bag.

The tripod is made from good quality plastic with legs that can be extended by about another three inches with four click-stop settings. By rotating the legs they can be slotted into position to allow them to be almost flush with the floor. The legs fold together nicely to allow the tripod to be used as a hand grip for selfies or for filming on the move. The supplied ball and socket head is made from metal and is rather crudely constructed but gets the job done. The phone mount allows for landscape or portrait mountings but is rather lightweight and basic, but again does what it claims to. The carry bag is rather plush and fancy and it seems a shame just to store the tripod in it.

Build quality is good but not fantastic, be careful not to tread on it, but the tripod does seem better made and less flimsy than most of the others I have tried although not to a professional standard.

I think for the £11.99 price it is not a bad buy.

The Good
Good Build Quality
Detachable Head
Metal Ball & Socket Head
Excellent Storage Bag
Folds Flat
Works As Hand Grip

The Bad
Legs Do Not Extend Much
Fiddly To Fold Legs Flat

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SIBI Rechargeable Under Cabinet Light

I have tried quite a few stick-on lights of this type but this 48 LED model is one the best designed and easiest to use so far.

In the branded and attractive product box, you receive the light unit, two metal mounting brackets, a short USB recharging cable and a well written and easy to read User Guide.

The build quality seems excellent. Everything Seems robust and well made and nothing looks about to fail anytime soon. A longer charging lead would have been nice, but that would add to the cost I suppose. The light looks great, with a brushed metal finish with plastic endpoints.

There are three ways to mount the light. The two metal brackets can be screwed in place and the unit stuck magnetically to them, however only two areas of the light are magnetic and so it will need to be carefully positioned to the brackets. The same is true if the brackets are held in place using the double-sided sticky tape which already in place on the brackets. Finally, the light unit can be stuck magnetically to any suitable metal surface.

There is a long row of 48 warm white LED’s with the motion sensor in the raised bubble on one end. The only control is the three turret switch next to the charging port on one end. Turn one way for always on, the centre position for Off, and switch the other way for Motion/Light Detection. The settings are clearly marked and easy to read.

Charging the unit is done with the micro-USB port. The sensor bubble shows red during charging and changes to blue when the 1100mAh Polymer Lithium is fully charged. A full charge should take around three hours which should give around four hours of continuous use and up to two months on standby.

Once set the 120-degree wide sensing range motion detection turns the LEDs on for about twenty seconds when triggered. The light is not too harsh and at 3000K it is pleasantly warm to the eye. which means it is pleasant enough on the eye.

At 30cm in length, this light is quite large and so care should be taken where to locate it. It may well be too large and bright for some positions but is fine in medium-sized or larger areas. It can be positioned for under-counter use but in fact can be used in dark areas, in a cupboard or anywhere where instant light is required.

At 19.99 it is not the cheapest I have tried but it does work well and offers some advantages over the rivals I have tested and so I think it is a pretty decent buy.

The Good
Slimline Design
Well Marked Switch
Bright Warm Light
Easy to Mount
Good Build Quality

The Bad
Restricted Magnetic Areas
Short Charging Cable
Cannot Operate When Charging

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Jxrev Bluetooth 5.3 Wireless Earbuds

I was struck immediately by the remarkable looks of this all pink headset but appearance is not all they have to offer, not by a long chalk.

I am pleased to see that almost all the latest true wireless earbuds, even the entry level ones, have adopted the latest Bluetooth 5.3 protocol. They are all very similar, stem format, Bluetooth 5.3, USB-C charging and IPX 7 weatherproofing. This one has all these features but priced at £19.99 it is one of the cheapest yet. I am not usually a fan of the AirPod style stem design but it usually does make for superior sound quality as well as a more secure fitting and this is the case here too.

There was a time when you had to pay big bucks to get decent quality True Wireless Earbuds but the introduction of Bluetooth 5.0 seems to have changed all that. Before Bluetooth 5.0 all but the most expensive TW earbuds would continually drop out, crackle, pop and generally prove more trouble than they were worth. Bluetooth 5.3 is even better adding simpler pairing, extended range, better audio quality and lower latency. Bluetooth 5.3 technology is supported by the latest high-end smartphones but of course, the headset will also work with older Bluetooth devices. As technology develops each headset is better than the last and this new set also features USB-C charging and has some of the latest internal circuitry on board.

In the box were the two buds together with a short USB charging cable, a compact sized glossy pink charging case to match the buds, and a well written and easy to read User Guide. Despite the light weight, everything has a quality feel to it but without the weightiness of some rivals.

First time pairing could not be simpler and took just a few seconds. Simply remove the two buds from the case and pair in the usual way to your phone looking for the label J51. Subsequently, taking the buds from the case powers them on, they connect to each other and to the phone automatically, returning them to the case turns them off and begins charging. The case battery can recharge the buds around 5 times. There are LED’s on both the buds and case bud to show charging and connection status and the buds will charge automatically when placed into the case. These stem format buds are easy to remove from the magnetic case and holding the stem prevents accidental button presses, for me a major selling point.

The buds are small, neat and comfortable to wear and sit nicely in the ear. Sound quality is excellent for a True Wireless headset with a very decent level of bass together with clean mid-tones and a sibilance free high end. Calls were clear to hear and easy to make with no dropouts or excessive background noise.

Each bud has a single button on it which can be used to end/reject calls, play/pause music, navigate tracks, alter volume and invoke your phone’s voice assistant. This works well and is easy to use.

Charging is good and fast with a full charge for the buds taking just 90 minutes with the same needed to fully charge the case. The case LED display shows the current battery status of both the case and individual buds.

For the £16.99 price, they are incredibly well priced for the technology available, indeed this headset compares very well with the high-end rivals I have tried as regards sound quality and features. This is a great little headset, that sounds good, looks good – if you like pink -and will certainly not break the bank. It’s an excellent buy.

The Good
Good Audio Quality
Good Build Quality
Auto On/Off
Bluetooth 5.3
Magnetic Case

The Bad
No Apt-X Codec

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GARITE 40 LED 6M Star Fairy Lights

Priced at just £8.99, this updated set of indoor/outdoor fairy lights are larger than other star lights I have tried and hopefully should last longer than just one season if well cared for. They have an attractive design with translucent plastic stars housing each of the 40 LED’s which are warm white and add a pleasant effect to the summer garden or Christmas tree.

Presentation in a simple branded brown job, inside of which is the 6m length 40 LED starlight set with hard-wired control box and a simple but well printed user guide. Build quality seems fine and the battery box has a grommet seal to keep the elements out.

The control box also houses the three AA batteries which should be enough to allow the device to run for weeks rather than days if used sensibly. I would recommend, as with all garden lights that this set be brought indoors for winter storage with perhaps a brief outing at Christmas. True, the lighting set is IP65 water-resistant, enough to keep it protected from everything short of water immersion, but you can never be too careful. If used outdoors the battery box must be mounted off the ground and sheltered as no ground spike or other mounting option is available and it is crucial to prevent water pooling around it.

Controlling the lights is easy enough. There is a single button on the battery box used to scroll through the eight lighting modes, which are: Combination, Waves, Sequential, Slo-Glo, Chasing/Flash, Slow Fade, Twinkle/Flash, and Steady On. The flashing mode uses the least power and will allow a longer running time.

Once in position, the warm white lighting set does look good, aided perhaps by the effect of the stars. Certainly, when correctly positioned they can add some real style to your garden or patio. If you need a set of decent quality budget priced indoor or outdoor string lights then this would be a very good buy.

The Good
Great Price
Single Button
Replaceable battery
8 Lighting Modes

The Bad
No External Power Option
No Wall Mount Option
No Dawn/Dusk Monitor

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