BEBIRD Wireless Otoscope, Ear Camera

Although I have tried several endoscopes before this is the first ear health-focused otoscope I have tried, although in reality, the real difference is in the application rather than design.

This kit is very nicely packaged and presented and contains not just the device itself but a range of accessories designed for ear health and cleanliness. In the rather posh box can be found the Otoscope, USB to micro-USB charging cable, 22 piece accessories kit, and a well printed, easy to read but rather brief User Guide. The accessories kit consists of a silicone sleeve that sits around the steel tip of the unit to prevent it being inserted too far and a range of ear spoons, swabs, and scrapers and a curious item resembling a tiny fly whisk. I have no wish to know what some of them do, I can only shudder and guess at their purpose,

Build quality seems first-rate. From the presentation box onwards the item has a quality and upmarket feel to it with the otoscope itself lacking the clinical design that might be expected but instead having the subtle, smooth design of a high-end digital pencil.

The unit has built-in 300mAh battery which can run for about an hours from a single charge and uses a standard micro-USB port. A short USB to Micro-US cable is provided but thanks to the avoidance of a proprietory socket replacement cables can easily be found.

Operating the device is entirely done using the bebird app. The Android version I used was slick and easy to use. There is no need to register an account, a refreshing change in itself, and it was simple and easy to jump from the bebird app to the Android settings to link to the password-free hotspot generated by the pen-like device. Once connected you can stream and view 1080p@30fps live video in either upright or landscape formats and record video or still images. I found the resultant video to be rather jerky but that may well be down to issues with my phone. I encountered no dropouts and the app was stable and responsive.

Although designed for examining the ear I doubt I will use it for that purpose. I tried it down my ear briefly and even though my ears were syringed by the nurse just a few weeks ago the resultant images were too disturbing for public viewing. The device itself did a great job.

For home use, this would be an excellent choice as it is quick and easy to use and the non-clinical design will serve to reassure those intimidated by medical instruments. The is a Quality piece of kit, and for such a specialised item, a good buy for £43.88.

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Gerintech Rechargeable Desk Lamp GT-408

This small footprint lamp is perhaps the most versatile and handy of the several models I have tried from Gerintech and at just £15.99 is certainly the most inexpensive.

In the attractive mid-range box was the lamp itself, USB to micro-USB cable, and a well printed and easy to read User Guide. I include a scan of the User Guide at the end of my unboxing video.

Although lightweight and compact nevertheless build quality seems excellent. It is made almost entirely of glossy plastic but it looks more upmarket than you might expect and would be at home on any modern desk. The lamp has is larger than I was expecting and at full stretch is 18″ in height with the base about 4.7″x3.3″ x3.8″ in height. The main 5w 250 lumen gooseneck light is pretty bright at full power but has a choice of three brightness levels. The gooseneck can be bent and twisted as much as needed without causing the lamp to overbalance.

The unit is controlled by two touch-sensitive buttons on the front face of the unit. There is one button to control the gooseneck lamp, short press to turn on/off and scroll through the three brightness levels.
The second button turns the night light on or off. On the base of the lamp is the micro USB socket which can power the unit directly or charge the battery. The base also has a receptacle for pens, two clear plastic drawers and phone holder grooves.

The lamp can be powered either from the built-in rechargeable 2200mAh Li-ion Battery or from any USB socket. One charge should give between three and twenty two hours of operation depending on the light options used. No mains adaptor is provided but the socket is a standard micro-USB and cables of varying lengths are widely and easily available. The battery can be removed and looks to me to be the widely available 18650 model.

The main light is good and bright at full power, easily bright enough to work by or to use as a feature light, the Nightlight is subtle and attractive although the nightlight brightness cannot be adjusted. There is no option either to vary the colour temperature of either light.

This is simple and easy to operate desktop lamp that would be just as at home in the bedroom or nursery and a decent buy indeed for the budget-friendly Amazon price.

The Good
Good price
Good build quality
Good Battery Life
Dual power source
Excellent User Guide
Nightlight feature

The Bad
Nightlight Brightness Preset
No colour temperature control
No Mains Adaptor Included

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WESTLIGHT Sports Chest Light

As a runner myself I have tried a few night lights. The ones I have tried have been armbands or shoe clip-ons that work well enough and are fine for road runs of up to a couple of hours or so. However, off-road runners don’t just need to make passing vehicles aware of them but also to navigate and find their way in total darkness. This is where a powerful front-facing lamp such as the one here is needed.

The kit arrived in a colourfull mid-market box containing the pre-assembled harness with lights in place and a short USB to micro-USB charging cable. No instructions or other paperwork was needed or included.

The kit consists of a chest harness with quick-release buckle and an adjustable elasticated strap. On the front is a plastic holder for the small but powerful 500 Lumen lamp with a 3 position button built-in. The front assembly also includes a small compass and a mount for a GoPro style camera. You will need to provide your own standard clip to mount it in place. A thin wire runs from the chest assembly to the rear lightbox which contains the powerful rear-facing flashing red LED and rechargeable battery with a grommet protected USB port. The single control button operates front and rear lights together, they cannot be used singly, but you can scroll through the three brightness levels of the front lamp whilst the rear lamp remains the same.

Charging the 2200 mAh battery from flat takes around five hours and can give up to six hours of light, depending on the brightness level selected.

In use the light works well and when off-road it is very useful to be able to point the lamp downward to see immediately in front as you run. The camera mount works well too and my camera fell safe and secure at all times. You can mount the camera above or below the mount bracket, although you may need to adjust the image orientation when editing to allow for the inverted image.

This is not a light that will suit every runner, but off-road runners or walkers will find it particularly useful due to the down-facing path illuminating light option and the extra-long battery life. The device is IPX5 water resistant, so it should be fine in normal rain but avoid water immersion.

For the current £15.59 Amazon price for those that need it, this is a great buy.

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Chefic 2 Soap Dishes & 3 Soap Bags set

This set of bathroom accoutrements has a sort of rustic charm to them and it clear that they are genuinely hand made. The set consists of two varnished wooden soap holders, each 11.5 x 8 x 2cm, and three 12x9cm sisal fibre soap bags. The products arrived in a plain unbranded box and with no paperwork or User Guide and none needed.

What is sisal, used to make the soap bags, you may ask? It is a species of Agave native to southern Mexico but widely cultivated and naturalized in many other countries and produces a soft fibre traditionally used for rope and twine.

The soap holders are made from bamboo wood, varnished to a mild teak colour and are designed to allow prevent soap from becoming wet or slimy when not in use and to dry naturally in the air. The soap bags have a similar function but can be suspended from a hook to do so. The soap bags can also be used with the soap in place during washing to generate and enhance the lather as well as to allow the soap to be held more securely. No more dropping the soap! You can also use the bags with shower gel or other skins cleaning products for a better exfoliating effect. Although it depends on the soap you use, take care not to squeeze the soap too hard when working up a lather to prevent is sticking too hard to the bag.

After several days of use, I have to say I cannot recommend this product. The wooden soap holders really are just too crudely made and cheap looking to have in my house and the soap bags quickly become slimy and enmeshed with to soap and take several days to dry.

Even for the low Amazon price of £5.99, just walk away…

Thermometer World Fridge Freezer Twin Pack

This simple pair of mercury thermometers, priced at just £2.95, look identical but have different scales, one for the fridge and the other for the freezer. The scale is colour coded to indicate if the temperature is too hold, cold or within the target zone for the appliance.

Although each of the 14.5cm x 2cm x 0.7cm thermometers is made from plastic the build quality seems fine and they seem perfectly robust enough for daily use. They have hooks so they can be suspended within the fridge or freezer which may give a more accurate reading than when laid flat.

In use, they work well enough but can be rather difficult to read as they have to be held at an angle to read the mercury and this is doubly difficult with the freezer one which I found has a tendency to frost over the mercury glass. That aside, they could not be easier to use and are fine for the purpose intended. If a more accurate reading is needed then more expensive rivals are available. Models using a bimetallic strip should be easier to read but avoid battery-operated models as battery life will be restricted when left in the freezer over time.

This is a perfectly good buy for home or non-critical use and the price certainly cannot be bettered.

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ANLAN EMS Muscle Stimulator

This EMS Muscle Stimulator and Abs muscle trainer from ANLANis new on the market and available for just £22.98, so I decided to give it a go. I had an earlier and similar device but this one uses rechargeable batteries rather than coin-sized ones and replaces the remote control with more intuitive and easier to use on-device buttons.

The unit was presented an attractive imid market box resembling that of a high tech gadget rather than an exercise device. In many ways that is what it is as it aims to simplify and rationalise muscle toning through the application of smart new technologies. Of course, electrically stimulated muscle toners have been around for quite a while but this is one of the first I have seen of this type.

In the box was the large abdominal pad, two smaller pads, three identical control pods, a single very short USB to micro-USB charging cable, a pack of gel pads and a large, easy to read User Guide. I attach a scan of the most important sections to my unboxing video. No storage bag or case is provided. Although we probably all have plenty of the USB adapters needed to power this device it is a pity that none were provided in the box. Keep in mind that to charge all the units at once three USB charging ports will be needed as well as two additional cables.

Using the device is simple enough. After charging the controller units (which takes about two hours via USB, carefully clip the units to the exercise pads. Fit the gel pads to the body areas in need of work, pushing down carefully and holding in place for a second or so if necessary. Make sure the skin is dry, clean and sweat-free first. Take care the pads are applied correctly as failure to do so can be painful when the device is turned on. Moisten the gel pads slightly to ensure good electrical contact and ensure a firm connection to the skin is made.

Turn the unit on by pushing and briefly holding the power button in the middle of each battery unit, a tiny LED will turn on. It begins at intensity level one and the level can be adjusted from one to ten using the plus and minus buttons, the blue status LED will indicate which button you have pressed. To turn off long-press the power button again. The abs pad and the two supplementary pads are controlled separately and independently of each other. The LED’s on the control pods indicate the selected mode.

It is important to remove the gel pad slowly and carefully, pulling it off roughly may damage the delicate pad. Wipe the pad with a dry cloth and then stick it carefully to the shiny side of the storage board provided in the kit. You can

It takes a bit of getting used to at first. It can be quite uncomfortable if not painful at first if the device is turned up too high. It is best to start at the lowest level and to work your way up over time. It goes without saying that this device will only work in conjunction with a healthy diet and at least moderate whole-body exercise. This device can only be looked at as being part of an overall fitness regime.

I have not yet had the kit long enough to give a definitive answer over how well it actually works but I can say that in about a week or so my upper arm muscles are certainly looking more toned and fit and my abdominal muscles certainly feel like they have been working hard and so I am hopeful for the future.

There are many more upmarket rivals to this device but I doubt any of them work any better and expect to pay twice the price or more of this budget unit. If you are new to EMS training then this might well be the best place to start,

The Good
Great price
Good Build Quality
Easy to use
10 intensity levels
Six exercise modes

The Bad
No Storage Case
Needs delicate handling and storage
No USB charging adapter provided
Only 1 USB cable included

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Gvoo Halloween Projector Light

I have tried several holiday light projectors before and they all used slot-in cards containing coloured slides to be projected like an old-style magic lantern. This new Halloween projector from Gvoo uses a new and rather more modern technique to project a rotating circular image pattern that is far brighter and more vibrant than the old-style units although with a smaller range of images.

Inside the unmarked white product box was the projector itself, a ground spike mount, a stand mount with base, and a multi-voltage 14w power supply. The projector comes with a standard UK plug which is IP44 waterproof with the projector waterproof to IP65. The projector should be good anywhere in the garden but keep the plug out of direct rain. It is a pity there is no hood to keep water off the lens as although it is perfectly safe to use water might degrade the projected image. No User Guide or instructions are included or required.

Using the device is simple enough. Position the projector a good distance from the house to get a large image, ten to twenty metres is suggested, and switch on. There are no controls, not even an on/off button and no option to select images or vary image rotation speed. Just plug it in and walk away. It is a pity there is no timer to allow it to be plugged in overnight without annoying the neighbours.

The effect is striking and very different from the lantern type rivals. The image is very bright and can produce images far larger and brighter than the old style rivals.

Currently available from Amazon for £14.99, this would make a nice addition to your Halloween garden.

The Good
Good price
Good Build Quality
Easy to Use

The Bad
No lens hood
No Timer

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