HOPEFOX Dual Lens Endoscopic Inspection Camera

Most of the other endoscopes or inspection cameras I have tried have needed a smartphone to work, connected to it either through USB or Bluetooth. No so here, this is a stand alone device and all you need is in the box.

There is indeed a full kit included in the box. You get the combined LCD screen and control box with a hard-wired 5m heavy duty cable with the camera lens on the end, a semi-rigid storage case, charging cable, a soft lens guard, a 32Gb micro-SD card and a well written and easy to read user guide. Also included is an all metal accessory kit that attaches to the end of the lens and includes a magnet tool, mirror tool, hook tool and a lens protector. Build quality is excellent throughout and this product is clearly designed for commercial as well as home use.

Looking at the unit we see the 4.3″ colour LCD screen on the front with good sized physical buttons for screen brightness, recording on/off, menu navigation, settings, mode selection and lens selection. On the top is the large sized power on/off button. On the side of the device is a grommet protected bay containing the reset button, micro-USB port, charging status LED, and micro-SD card slot.

The device has a built-in non replaceable 2600mAh Lithium Ion battery which is charged through the micro-USB port in the bay on the side. One charge should give around four hours of run time.

Operating the unit is simple enough. After powering on and ensuring the FAT32 formatted memory card is in place (a 32GB card is included although a card of up to 64GB can be used) the screen will begin displaying whatever the lens can see. You can then record 720p video or 2M sized still images to the memory card. You can then review and delete the recordings directly on the LCD screen or remove the card to review the contents on your computer.

One selling point with this endoscope is the dual lens option which allows the user to select either the lens on the tip of the 5m probe or the secondary lens facing to the side of the tip. Another feature is the inclusion of a set of accessories that fit onto the probe tip to allow simple tasks to be performed.

Video quality is excellent considering the size of the lens and the low price of the device. It is worth noting that although the videos could be viewed perfectly on the LCD screen, my Mac could not natively read them and I had to use VLC Media Player to do so. Also, when making the review video I had to change them to another format before Davinci Resolve could render them.

This is an excellent device, well made and robust enough for commercial use but simple enough for use at home with results good enough for both. For the current price of £59.99, this is rather a good buy.

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TnYoYo Scart to HDMI Converter

This is a refreshingly simple and easy to use little device.
Constructed with a robust aluminium alloy casing it is a small box with a SCART input port on one side and an HDMI output port on the other. On the HDMI side is a switch to select between 1080p and 720 outputs and a micro-USB power in port together with a power status LED.

To use simply plug in the SCART lead from your TV or other source devices into the box and the HDMI to your TV into the other side. Connect the power supply, confirming the status LED shows green, and there you go. No drivers or additional software is needed, all the clever stuff takes place inside the box.

The converter supports PAL, NTSC3.58, NTSC 4.43, SECAM, PALM, PAL N and most video formats of yesteryear. It should work with any standard VHS, STB, PS2, DVD Player, Sky or Xbox with a SCART output. The output is standard HDMI in 1080p or 720p. Be aware that the converter will not convert the other way around, from HDMI to SCART in the unlikely event you wanted it. For best results make sure the connected SCART cable is no more than 8m in length and the HDMI no more than 7m and that both cables conform to the AMG26 standard (they will).

This is a true plug and play device that should work every time. It is well made and at just £9.99 well priced too. If you want to bring your old videos back to life, then this might be just what you need.

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TnYoYo 30LED Remote Controlled Disco Light

I have tried quite a few disco lights of this type but at last, this one brings something new to the table.

In the attractive mid-market box you get the disco light itself, USB power cable, remote control, a ball and socket suction mount and a well written and easy to read if rather a small User Guide. I enclose a scan of the User Guide in the unboxing video.

The light and mount are made of plastic and this is where the budget price has to be paid as more costly rivals of the same design are made of metal. The remote control is quite small but the buttons are well marked and have a positive feel to them. Although the disco light is made of plastic so far my unit has shown no signs of packing and seems capable of staying the course.

The low power consumption and the USB power source means the unit can be easily used outdoors if connected to a powerbank or similar power source. However, don’t be tempted to use this outside if there is any sign of rain, as this device is not water-resistant or designed for outdoor use.

Two features make this disco light stand out from its many rivals. Firstly, this one comes with a suction ball and socket mount. which allows it to be mounted to almost any suitable surface and then precisely aligned as desired, although it can also be fitted to a standard tripod screw mount. It also has a ring of 27 multi-coloured LEDs that fully encircle the base of the unit. This secondary light source makes a big difference to the nature of the light display.

Operating is easy enough. Just plug in – there is no Off/On switch – select the mode and features you want from the remote, and there you go. The supplied power cable is quite short and so an extension cable may be needed. It is good that the light uses a USB power source but annoying that the connection to the light unit itself is non-standard. There is a very slight noise as the internal light wheel rotates but this would be no problem in normal use. The ring of external LEDs does add quite significantly to the overall effect and is a nice addition to the unit.

The remote allows you to select various lighting colours and combinations (R, G, B, RG.RB, GB), a stroboscopic lighting effect, auto colour scrolling, and all with a rolling rotating light wheel effect. There is a music-controlled mode determined by the internal microphone which allows the lights to pulse in time with sounds over 48db.

The lighting effects are very effective and would be perfect to give atmosphere to a party or small disco. The £16.99 price for a sophisticated remote control unit such as this is very good indeed although for long-term or professional use a more expensive and more robust unit might be better.

The Good
Great price
Dramatic Lighting Effects
27 LED External Light Ring
Multiple lighting modes
Remote control
Good User Guide

The Bad
Lightweight build
Not Waterproof
No power switch
Non-Standard USB plug

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TealKoo 3 Way 4K HDMI 3 Remote Switcher

Priced at just £11.98 this compact sized HDMI switcher will allow one TV or monitor to be used with up to three HDMI devices and will support 4K video at 30 fps with Dolby audio in various formats. It will switch automatically between devices when one is switched off or can be switched manually using the buttons on the front or with the supplied three button remote control.

Build quality seems fine for such a simple and low priced unit with an aluminium alloy casing and gold plated terminals. The simple three button remote control is credit card sized but seems well made and robust. The device has a micro-USB power in port but this will not be needed except with a few power hungry units. Try it first without the power connection and see how you get on. It will support AWG26 HDMI cable lengths of of to 5m with USB power.

It could not be simpler to use. Just select the source HDMI device you want using the front button on the unit or with the remote control and the output will switch to that unit with confirmation from the LED on the unit itself and remote control. Depending on the devices in use there may be a short delay as the switch is made. When first switched on the device will default to the last port used.

The switcher will support source devices up to 4k (3840 x 2160)@30 Hz, 1080p@60Hz, 720p, 480p and HDCP 1.4, LPCM, Dolby True-HD, DTS Digital, DTS-HD, deep colour up to 36bi. It also supports audio formats of LPCM, DTS Digital, DTS-HD, Dolby Digital, Dolby True-HD, HDCP1.4 The maximum data transfer rate is 6.0 Gbp/s.

A user guide is included but most users will not need it, this is a true plug ‘n play device and should work straight from the box with almost any commonly found video or audio devices. If it supports HDMI then it should work with this

There are more expensive rivals available that look better and offer a full sized remote control, but if all you want is a basic plug and forget switcher then this one will be a great buy.

ost any commonly found video or audio devices. If it supports HDMI then it should work with this

There are more expensive rivals available that look better and offer a full sized remote control, but if all you want is a basic plug and forget switcher then this one will be a great buy.

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Ticktime Desk Timer Cube

This is a deceptively simple and cleverly designed little item made with an attention to detail not usually found in devices of this sort. Priced at £38.99 it is not inexpensive but for many users, it will be worth paying that bit more for quality.

In the box is the timer itself, a short USB charging cable and well written and easy to read User Guide. Build quality, as I would expect for the price, is excellent, constructed from robust ABS plastic. Nicely presented too it has a quality and upmarket feel to it.

The timer, weighing in at 58g and sized 45 x 42 x 48 mm is a hexagonal polygon made from Electroplated ABS with 6 large preset time periods displayed along the sides for 3,5,10,15,25 and 30 minutes with the current selection automatically backlit in blue. Custom timers can be set up to a maximum period of 99 hours. On one end is the full coloured if rather small LCD display for the timer countdown, audio volume, mute and battery status, along with a micro-USB charging port and buttons for volume and timer tuning. On the other end is a simple power status display. The unit has a magnetic base to allow it to be clamped to any metallic object, but although it does work well enough the magnet is not as strong as it might be, so take care.

Using the TICKTIME is simple enough. After power on by pressing either of the two physical buttons on the display panel simply rotate the device to select the desired preset, and the countdown starts automatically and is displayed on the status screen. Pressing the buttons with the display upright will adjust the countdown period, whilst pressing with the unit on its side will adjust the alarm volume. When the timer period ends and the alarm sound, simply upend it to cancel the alarm. Setting the screen side face down will begin a simple count up process.

This is an excellent little device, cleverly designed and well made that gets the job done with a minimum of fuss and bother. It is functional and attractive enough for use in the kitchen but techy enough to appeal to the nerds amongst us There are many cheaper alternatives available but few will have either the build quality or stylishness of the TICKTIME.

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ZFITEI Non-Slip Oven Gloves

Oven mitts are not the sort of thing one can get too excited about but they really can make life much easier in the kitchen. At £19.99 this new set from ZFITEI is not the cheapest I have seen but they have a premium feel to them lacking in the low end rivals. They are available in just one colour, so it seems, straw coloured with off-white detailing.

You get more than just a set of mitts. In the box were just the gloves themselves packaged in a reusable branded ziplock bag, handy to store them in. Also included were a pair of pot holders, themed to match the mitts. The gloves are thick but not constrictive to wear and have a silicone non-slip grid finish to keep a firm grip on hot pans. The gloves have small hanging hooks on each to aid with storage and have a small information tag inside. The mitts are a good size at 19 x 33.5 14.5 cm and long enough to fully protect the wrists. The pot holders are smaller at just 20.5cm square, but large enough to easily serve their purpose.

The gloves are good for temperatures up to 300 ℃ and during my tests, no heat whatsoever reached my hands. I always felt I had a firm grip on the hot item I was holding with no worries about it slipping free. They seem perfectly suited to both kitchen and barbecue use.

Unlike some oven gloves made from delicate materials, these can be hand or machine washed at up to 30°c. The gloves seem robust and well made with no hanging threads, poor stitching or anything else that would make me question the workmanship.

If you need an oven mitt set, then these would seem a good and reliable buy.

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Proscenic A8 Air Purifier

This is an excellent air purifier but with one big drawback, the same one that all air purifiers seem to suffer from and that is the cost and availability of the HEPA filters needed for it to run.

The device itself is quite large but is well made and attractively designed, There is a large easy to read control panel on the top with backlit touch-sensitive buttons for operating mode, timer and status light. The status light is perhaps one of the main selling points of the device. It features a bright and well saturated colour LED strip that encircles the base of the unit and shows the current air quality – green for Good, yellow for Normal and red for Bad. The fan level of the device will increase when poor quality air is detected. The status light, which can be quite intrusive, can be switched off via the control panel or app.

There are multiple filter variations available – when available – and these are Black (Toxins), Grey (true H13), Purple (antibacterial), Green (pet allergy), and Blue (original).

Here are a few technical claims made for the air purifier, which I am not able to confirm but have no reason to doubt: UPV 1.0 purification technology should yield a CADR value of 220m³/h for dust, pollen, and smoke pollution. It is CARB Certified, which means that it can purify a room up to 430 ft² and circulate room air over 3 times per hour. The status light shows green for good pollution levels of less than 75 PM, yellow for between 76 and 150 PM and red for over 150PM.

The air purifier is wifi equipped and has an Alexa/Google enabled app which allows for full remote control of the device as well as incorporation into automated routines and schedules. The Proscenic app is nicely designed and easy to use and also works with a range of other Proscenic devices.

To control the device using the app or voice control, first install the Proscenic app on your phone. Make sure you are connected to a 2.4Ghz wifi network. Open the app and press the + button to install a new device. Select the A8 model from the Household Appliance menu and turn the air purifier on from the control panel which will beep and illuminate. Press and hold the centre button until the Wifi icon flashes. Enter your home wifi detail into the app when prompted. Next, connect to the wifi hotspot generated by the air purifier and then return to the Prosenic app and allow it to connect to and configure the air purifier.

The drawback? Well, that is the price of replacement HEPA filters which at over £29 when available – and usually they are not available – is one third of the price of the air purifier itself, currently £89. My advice would be to wait until the replacement filters are back in stock and then buy at least one with the air purifier itself.

This is an excellent device let down by hard to find and expensive filters.

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Jrwaro T12 True Wireless Earbuds

I have reviewed quite a few of these new generation headsets, they are all very similar, with almost identical specifications but this one at just £16.99 before discounts is the least expensive of the bunch and for the price, quite a bargain.

There was a time when you had to pay plenty to get decent quality True Wireless Earbuds but the introduction of Bluetooth 5.0 seems to have changed all that. Before Bluetooth 5.0 all but the most expensive TW earbuds would continually drop out, crackle, pop and generally prove more trouble than they were worth. As technology develops each headset is better than the last and this new set which features the latest Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity and USB-C charging has some of the latest hardware on board.

In the box were the two buds together with a short USB charging cable, a compact sized smooth white charging case, and a well written and easy to read User Guide. Each earpiece has a multifunction button and status LED on the bud with a microphone in the stem. This headset is compact in size, both the buds and case, with a white glossy finish that is similar in design to the many rivals out there. Despite the small size and lightweight, everything has a quality feel to it but without the clunkiness of some rivals.

First time pairing could not be simpler and took just a few seconds. Simply remove the two buds from the case and pair in the usual way to your phone looking for the name T12. Subsequently, taking the buds from the case powers them on, they connect to each other and the phone automatically, returning them to the case turns them off and begins charging. The battery case can recharge the buds around 4 times, giving a total of around 40 hours of music. There are LEDs on both the buds and case to show charging and connection status and the buds will charge automatically when placed into the case. These stem format buds are easy to remove from the magnetic case and holding the stem prevents accidental button presses, for me a major selling point.

The earbuds use the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology which is supported by the latest high-end smartphones but of course, they will also work with older Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth 5 adds a longer range and greatly improves both the stability of the wireless connection and battery life.

The AirPod style stem design is not my favourite but it usually does make for superior sound quality as well as a more secure fitting and this is the case here too. The buds are small, neat and comfortable to wear and will deliver up to 8 hours of music per charge. Sound quality is excellent for a TW headset with a very decent level of bass together with clean mid-tones and a non-abrasive high end. Calls were clear to hear and easy to make. I found call quality to be fine at each end of the conversation with no dropouts or excessive background noise.

Each bud has a single soft touch button on it which can be used to end/reject calls, play/pause music, navigate tracks, alter volume and invoke your phone’s voice assistant. This works well and is easy to use. The buds will, of course, work as a stereo pair, but can be used separately for mono listening. The buds are rated as being IPX 6 water resistant and so they should be fine for even heavy rain, but not for swimming.

Charging is good and fast with a full charge for the buds taking just ninety minutes. The case LED display shows the current battery status of both the case and individual buds. There are voice prompts when the buds need charging.

This is a good quality, lightweight headphone set, perfect for exercise and general use with decent sound quality and a good long battery life. An excellent buy for the price.

The Good
Good Audio Quality
Good Build Quality
Auto On/Off
Bluetooth 5.3
Magnetic Case
IPX 6 Waterproof

The Bad
No Apt-X Codec

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Aopick Bluetooth Label Printer

Years ago I had a label maker that printed out embossed plastic labels, but things have moved on since then and this new label maker from AOPICK prints out labels, pictures, drawings, even your handwriting -anything that can fit onto a 15mm wide paper strip.

In the box is the label printer itself, two rolls of paper (one preloaded), a small thumb lanyard, a USB charging cable, and a well printed and easy to read user guide. Build quality is excellent, the printer is attractively designed and seems built to last.

There is just one button on the printer, large and centrally placed on the front of the device with a larges status LED around it. On the side is a large turret switch, press up to cut the paper, press down to open the paper compartment.

The printer is rechargeable with a non-replaceable 1200mAh battery which I was pleased to see uses the up to date USB-C charging socket. One four hour charge should allow you to print up to 80m of labels. The front face multi purposes LED shows red when the device is charging.

It is a pity that the Bluetooth connection uses the outdated Bluetooth 4 protocol, but it seems to work perfectly well. Bluetooth pairing was quick and simple although made more confusing than it need be by the MarkLife app interface. Subsequent connections were fast, transparent and automatic.

The Marklife app is used to write or design your label which is then thermally printed onto sticky-backed paper strips or precut labels. The app is confusingly laid out and rather non-intuitive to use but does work well enough and gets the job done. I suspect the app is designed to work with a range of different printers of varying formats. You have the option to make your text labels with a wide range of typefaces, fonts and formats available. You can also select from a large number of preset icons, and lines, and you can even draw onto the app screen to print your own handwriting.

The printer uses standard sized 15mm paper rolls with strips and labels widely available at low cost. Printing on these is clear, legible, smudge-free and very easy to read.

If you need a compact and reliable ink-free label printer then for the price of just £22.99, this would be a very decent buy.

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Miimall Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Case

I am the proud owner of an Amazfit GTR 3 Pro smartwatch, and very pleased I am with it too. I want to protect the watch as far as I can, previous watches have developed scratches and markings over time and this time I am keen to avoid it. I saw this protective case available for just £9.99 and so decided to give it a try. I am rather pleased that I did.

The protective kit consists of a combined case and watch face cover along with an alcohol wipe pad and a small cleaning kit, which I did not find necessary, and a useful little plastic storage box. The case aside, all the components of the kit seemed to me to be generic and off the shelf and not really needed.

The watch protector itself is made from flexible TPU and is easily fitted to the watch with cut-outs for the side buttons. The whole unit is one piece with no separate screen protector which makes it far easier to fit as the protective skin is too thick to allow bubbles to form. The case can be easily removed and refitted as often as needed.

The level of protection it offers is excellent, the protective skin is thick and robust both for the watch casing and screen. This is certainly the best protection I have ever encountered for a watch before. I have noticed no difference in the responsiveness of the touch screen, it feels exactly as it did before.

There are drawbacks, but not many. The watch screen is slightly less bright and vibrant with the screen in place and more prone to reflections when outdoors but I did not find this to be a major issue. When indoors in normal lighting it is hard to tell that the screen is actually in place and only when outdoors in bright sunlight are any issues likely to arise.

This is an excellent way to protect your new Amazfit GTR 3 Pro and I would certainly advise any new owner to invest in it. If you plan to use your watch for outdoor or contact sports then it is a must buy.

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