Qoosea Night Light LED Projector Lamp


This light, which is really three lights in one can be used as a mood projector lamp, coloured night light, or as a normal reading or bedroom light. For the £19.99 Amazon price, it is really rather a good deal.

In the simple but attractive branded product box were the light itself, four stencils, tripod mount, USB to micro-USB power cable and User Guide. I include a scan of the User Guide in my unboxing video, switch to full screen and pause to read it. The device made entirely of plastic but seems robust and well made enough to cope with life in the average child’s bedroom.

The lamp is spherical in shape and has a removable clear top into which the four supplied stencils are placed and which reveals the four LED lights – red, blue, green and white. Around the base is a translucent night light panel showing the currently selected colour and above it the three control buttons: Projection On/Off, Rotation On/Off, Snooze On/Off. On the rear is the micro-USB power in slot and on the underside the battery port for three AA batteries.

Operating the device is easy enough. After selecting the power source – do not use the USB port if batteries are inserted – remove the clear top half of the device and insert the stencil design of your choice – Ocean World, Birthday Greetings, Romantic Love, or Spaced theme. Pressing the left button switches between white, yellow, blue scrolling lights. The centre button turns the rotation of the dome top on or off. The right button turns the night light Blue, green or off. The lamp can be used as a rather bright desk or table lamp by removing the stencil. When in rotation mode the entire top of the unit revolves, not just the stencil inside, so do not touch the top when it is working as it may damage the motor. It is almost entirely silent when in rotation mode and so it is easy to forget. It will work off batteries but I am not sure what the battery life would be but in any case, in most situations USB power would be easiest.

The lamp works well in any mode and gives atmosphere to a bedroom or children’s party at a price that will not break the bank.

The Good
Good Price
Good Build Quality
Easy to Operate
Gives atmosphere to Child’s bedroom or party

The Bad
No power adapter supplied
No Batteries supplied
Reading Light mode rather harsh.

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BROKIG Vertex Mens Gym Jogger/Sweatpants

I am usually a bit nervous when buying Chinese clothes due to sizing issues but in fact, these new sweatpants from BROKIG were OK and if anything were slightly larger than I was expecting.

The garment arrived simply packaged in a resealable zip lock bag with the usual tags in place. No documentation or other items were included.

The pants themselves are clearly well made from a thick cotton/polyester mix that feels warm and absorbent. The design is rather unusual and different from other sweatpants I have worn. There is what seems to be a protective strip along the inside of each thigh and also a V-shaped visible seam – clearly a design feature – across the thighs also. The waist and ankles are elasticated and there is an additional drawstring waist cord. The only pockets are shallow zipped handwarmers on each side. There are no visible issues in the tailoring with no hanging threads, scuffing or weak seams.

As regards sizing, the size I selected I would have expected to be rather tight across the waist but in fact, it was OK with the leg length being fine and perhaps even a little on the short side. The legs are a tapered fit and better for exercise where flapping legs and a wide ankle fit can be an impendence rather for than daily use where a less extreme look is preferable.

On balance I would say these are a well made and robust pair of sweatpants better suited for the gym than the street with an unusual design that may appeal more to the athlete than the general user. For the current Amazon price of £20.99 these are not a bad buy for the quality although thinner and less well-made rivals are available for less.

STNTUS INNOVATIONS 12 Handmade Bath Bombs Gift Set



This delightful set of twelve Bath Bombs comes exquisitely presented in a robust pink box which looks like it might contain fancy chocolates. The box is far too nice to throw away and it can easily be repurposed to store trinkets or small cosmetics items.

The twelve 2.2″ 3oz Bath Bombs are each differently scented in traditional aromas that put me in mind of the Yardley perfumes of yesteryear. The scents are listed as ‘Smooth’, ‘Sky’, ‘Love’, ‘Rose’, ‘Sunrise’, ‘Nature’, ‘Starry Night’, ‘Heal’, ‘Caramek’, ‘Ocean’, ‘Sakura’, and ‘Lavender’. The scents are subtle but pervasive and lift and enhance the atmosphere of the bathroom.

Using the bombs is easy enough and the same as with any other. After removing the outer wrapper and plastic seal just pop the bomb into the bath. It will rise to the surface bubbling and agitating the water and move around the bath colouring the water and diffuse the scent. It takes several minutes to fully dissolve. One bomb is more than enough for a normal sized bath and I suspect that just a half a bomb would do if you wished to economise. The bomb will make the bath an even more pleasant experience than usual and leave the skin feeling cleansed and refreshed.

Currently priced at £14.98 on Amazon these bombs are not ultra cheap but the price is at least equal to if not better than that of most high street rivals. In any case, who would not like to pay out for an indulgence such as this.


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OTHA Ocean Wave Night Light Music Player



I have tried several similar night light projectors but this one is probably the best so far. It has an excellent range of features combined with a very attractive £14.98 price on Amazon.

This 14.2 x 12.8 x 12.8 cm device is basically a nightlight or mood light that projects a shimmering sea type pattern on the walls and ceiling of the room using a moving Fresnel lens with a multi coloured LED light source. A choice of LED combinations and control of the movement of the lens means that a range of lighting options are available. The USB powered device has a 3W speaker built in and can play from one of four built-in ambient sounds, as well as from a TF card or external sound source via a 3.5mm mini-jack socket. It comes with a small sized but well made remote control – a dedicated labelled remote not just a repurposed generic model – using easy to find AAA batteries (not included). It can also be operated from a set of front panel controls with a master On/Off switch situated on the underside of the unit. The design is rather cheap looking and plasticky but well made and robust enough for normal use.

Operating the device is very easy using the remote control. You can scroll through the built-in sounds and light patterns using the dedicated keys as well as select an auto-off preset timer of up to four hours. If you insert a TF card or external audio jack then the internal sounds are replaced by the new sound source but you cannot control them using the remote.

The sound quality from the built-in speaker is fine for the ambient sounds but less good for music reproduction, as might be expected. There is no audio out, which is a pity so you cannot play the internal sounds through your hi-fi. You probably would not want to anyway as the sound samples used are very short in duration often with a noticeable gap between the loops although this is not too noticeable through the small speaker.

The device works well and the chunky remote control is easy to use, as are the front panel controls. It does a good job of what it sets out to do. The lighting patterns are relaxing and hypnotic and coupled with the low-level ambient sound the overall effect is relaxing and sleep-inducing. For the budget price, this is an excellent buy and may well soothe a boisterous youngster off to sleep.

The Good
Great price
Good Build Quality
Three Sound sources
Good Remote Control

The Bad
Cheap appearance
Short audio samples
No Audio Out
Unattractive Design

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Blusmart Cordless Dental Water Flosser with 4 Tips


I have tried quite a few very similar flossers and this new model from Blusmart seems as good as any of them and the current price of £29.99 is very attractive compared to that of the Big Name rivals.

In the well designed mid-market product box was the flosser itself, a USB power cable, two standard colour coded heads in a plastic storage box, two spare colour coded heads, UK Power Adapter, carry bag and a User Guide. The User Guide although small is well printed and easy to read and I enclose a scan of it in my unboxing video.

The flosser seems very well made fine for the price and I was pleased to see that it uses a USB power source, which makes it great for taking on holiday as no mains plugs or adapters are needed. It is IPX7 waterproof so it can be used with safety in the bathroom. Unlike some rivals, the 200ml water tank can be fully removed for cleaning although it also has a quick access point to refill.

It has an internal 1400mA lithium battery and one four hour charge can give up to ten days of normal use.  It is a pity though that a non-standard power socket is used on the flosser end rather than a normal micro-USB. So take care not to mislay the cable.

Using the device is easy enough. On the front are two large buttons, one for power Off/On, the other to toggle through the three cleaning modes: normal, soft and pulse. There are LED lights to indicate the selected mode and the pitch of the motor varies in intensity between modes so you easily know which is selected. The modes vary between 30-100 PSI hydraulic pressure with a water pulse of 1400-1800 per minute. The device will switch off after two minutes of use if the current mode is not changed. The mode selection lights are also used to indicate charging: flashing when charging, solid when fully charged. Below the jet tip holder on the top is quick release button for use when changing heads.

As a long-term user of these devices I was pleased with the power of the device, often battery powered flossers can only manage a rather feeble flow, not so here. I usually use it in standard mode and switch to soft or massage modes for the gums. The 200ml water tank is more than enough for a cleaning session and can be quickly refilled from the tap. One battery charge is enough for more than a week of normal use. The travel bag is handy when on vacation to protect the flosser and heads and if not away for too long there is no need to take the cable.

This is a well made and easy to use device, works well, and compares very favourably to similar units from market-leading brands.

The Good
Good price
Effective Cleaning
Quiet in use
Three cleaning modes
Four Heads
Carry bag
Power Adapter included

The Bad
Non-standard USB cable

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POPRUN Magnetic Refrigerator A3+ whiteboard



We already have a fridge whiteboard but it is getting old, the pen does not work too well and when it does is near impossible to remove, so it was time for a change. This new whiteboard from POPRUN is a bit smaller at 43.18×27.94 cm than our old one but has several advantages over the old and works far better.

The whole set arrived in a surprisingly small robust cardboard tube, mine seemed to have been around for a bit but hopefully yours will be OK, inside of which was the whiteboard, eraser, two black markers, two blue, and two red, two large coloured magnetic buttons, some emoji stickers and a large and well-printed User Guide.

Everything it the kit seems to be working fine and appears well made and robust. You may have to uncurl the whiteboard for a few minutes to get the best adhesion to the fridge door but after that, it will stick firmly with no sign of movement. All the pens worked well and unlike some rivals wrote clearly and easily on the board. I found the magnets on the pens to be a little feeble, they would stick well enough to the door but not to the whiteboard where they tended to slide down the ultra smooth surface. The buttons, on the other hand, attached nice and firmly. There is a small eraser on the end of each pen but the larger eraser works really well and wipes clean with one swipe and can be then be attached to the fridge door for storage. Unlike with some lesser rivals, the ink can be as easily wiped when left in place for some weeks.

This is a practical and useful addition to any kitchen, home office or school room and at just £15.99 will not break the bank.

The Good
Good Build Quality
Great price
Bright coloured inks
Easy to Write with
Easy to wipe clean
Attractive Packaging
Good User Guide

The Bad
Pen magnets could be stronger
Eraser pad on pens may get Dirty

More Info and Purchase


HBorna Qi Certified Fast Wireless Charger

This small, neat and rather upmarket looking Qi-Certified wireless charger from HBorna arrived nicely present in a low key but attractive product box. Inside was the charger itself, a medium length USB to micro-USB cable, a thin black pad, and a better than average User Guide. I am not quite sure what the little black pad does since it is not mentioned in the User Guide or Amazon product page. It may be to protect the shiny surface of the charging unit.

Build quality seems fine. The 7.9×7.9×0.7cm 73g charging pad appears well made and robust with a high gloss finish which looks great now but I suspect it is a fingerprint magnet and may scuff and scratch over time. The charger has four anti-slip pads on the underside and a micro-USB port on the side. It is a pity that in the new USB-C could not have been used at least as an option. It has a multicolour LED to indicate charging status which must be subtle indeed as I did not even notice it when I first used it.

Unlike many cheap imports, this charger is fully Qi certified which hopefully means the power output is correct and as promised. It has three charging modes which are automatically selected according to the device attached: 10W, 7.5W or 5W. Take note that to get the advantage of the higher speeds a QC2.0 or better power adapter must be used. The one that came with the phone being charged should be suitable. You will see from my video that it also works with other devices, such as my Motorola smartwatch. The LED shows you the mode in use: flashes green slowly for quick charging, flashes orange slowly for normal charging, flashes green fast when a problem is detected (such as a metal object in a phone case interfering with the signal), solid green when charging is complete.

Currently priced at just £14.71 this is is a budget high-speed charger with a distinctly upmarket look to it. If you have a wireless charging phone or other devices this would be a nice addition to your desktop.

The Good
Great Price
Good Build Quality
Up Market Looks
Attractive Packaging
Auto Selected Charging Modes

The Bad
Fingerprint Magnet
No USB adapter included

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