Domo Ice Cream Maker Pro DO9066L

It was my boyhood dream to own an ice cream maker but the separate freezer types always seemed more trouble than they were worth and integrated freezer models too large and expensive.

Say Hello to the Domo Ice Cream Maker Pro DO9066L.

When I bought it this 1.5Ltr machine had been reduced to £133 with the DO9201L 2Ltr companion model at £278. Now, just a week later, the 1.5Ltr machine is £277 and the 2Ltr still at £278. No, I don’t understand it either.

In the large and attractively designed box was the machine itself, a measuring jug, plastic spatula and a user guide. The build quality of the machine seems first-rate and to professional standards. The casing and buttons are of stainless steel with a large backlit LCD screen. The mixing bowl is also of metal although the stirrer is plastic but again both are robust and built to last. The measuring jug is OK but has gradations almost impossible to read, the spatula is lightweight plastic but custom designed to fit the freezing bowl and makes the difficult task of getting the ice cream out much less troublesome. The user guide is poorly printed and poorly translated but this is not too much of a problem as the machine is by no means complicated to use.

Operating the machine is indeed easy enough. There are some basic recipes included in the guide book and they basically tell you to mix up the ingredients in a jug and then add them to the Ice machine’s mixing bowl, the bowl is removable and ingredients can be added away from the machine but to avoid problems aligning the bowl spindle it is best done with the bowl in place.

There are just 4 buttons. The power button turns the machine on although it does not yet operate and the numerals 00 display in a non-backlit screen. With the ingredients in the bowl and the lid in place now set the desired time using the Time + and – buttons and press the Start/Stop button. The screen lights up, counts down the remaining time and shows the freezer temperature and the mixing/freezing will start. You can increase or decrease the time remaining as the freezing/mixing process is taking place and indeed doing so will give you the best final result. The maximum setting on the timer is one hour and at the end of which, or whatever time you have set, the alarm will sound and the mixing/freezing process will stop. After the alarm has sounded the machine will keep the mixture at the current temperature for a further hour. If the mixture freezes too quickly and the mixing blade cannot turn then it will stop automatically but continue to hold the mixture at the current temperature.

I found that a full 1.5ltr standard or vanilla ice cream mixture took around thirty minutes. Varying the amount and consistency of the mixture will change the time needed and again it is best to monitor this at first for best results and learn from experience. Changing the operating times also allows you to make Gelato, Sorbet, and Frozen Yoghurt.

Aside from the size of the mixing bowl and the price what are the differences between this and the 2Ltr machine? The two machines are pretty much the same size and I suspect use the same compressor motor but the 2Ltr has more freezing options. The 1/5ltr machine has a single operating mode with the only variable being the time. the 2 Ltr offers mixing only and freezing only options in addition to the basic ice cream mode. At the time of writing with only a small difference in price between the machines I would be inclined to go for the bigger model, but if the former price gap returns then for most users I would advise buying the cheaper one. Remember, when I bought it my machine was just £133 and the 2 Ltr £278.

The results from the machine really are outstanding. The ice cream is thick, entirely free from ice crystals and easy to spoon. the taste is fantastic too, but of course, that depends on the recipe with those in the book relying mainly on cream and sugar!

This is a fantastic machine that allows delicious ice cream to made very quickly. Indeed, the short turnaround time is one of the best features with as little as thirty minutes needed between adding the ingredients and tucking in. For the price I paid this is a great buy, much less so at the new price which surely must be soon reduced again. When that great day comes again, do not hesitate to buy. With this machine in it, your life may never be the same again.

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Solar Mason Jar Garden Lights – 4 Pack

This simple but nicely made set of solar garden lights takes the form of four mason jars with solar panels incorporated into the lids and copper wire LED strings within.

The pack comes very nicely presented in an attractive box suitable for gifting with the four jars separately packaged Within. Along with the jars, the only other item inside is a short and but attractively printed user guide.

Build quality is excellent with the jars almost identical to real mason jars each having glass bodies, along with screw fit metal lids and carry handles. Inside we see a few changes with a compartment in the lid revealing a replaceable AAA rechargeable battery, a simple turret Off/On switch and the short 30 LED copper LED light string. Build quality all seems fine with the jars as tough as any other glass jar and the electronics again on a par with those in similar products.

Light sensors are incorporated into the solar panel lids and when set to On the light strings will illuminate when it grows dark and turn off when the sun comes out. Take note that when the switch is turned Off the solar panel itself will stop charging.

There is not much more to it than that. Just leave the jars, fully IP65 waterproof, outside in the sun and at night you will be rewarded with a twinkling display of pinpoint LED stars.

Priced at £27.18 they seem a good buy to me and will lend some atmosphere and charm to your garden or patio.

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LucaSng Ionic Shower Head Kit

I was not expecting too much from this product bearing the price in mind but in fact, I was rather pleasantly surprised.

In the box was the showerhead itself, hosepipe and a wall mount. No separate instructions are included but all you need to know can be found on the box.

Build quality seems excellent. the showerhead is made from heavy duty but lightweight plastic with an aluminium 250 hole laser-cut nozzle outlet, the lighter weight being important for a device with a self-adhesive wall mount such as this. The hosepipe and the wall mount are made from lightweight metal and seem equally well made. The wall mount is metal but has a rubber base with a peel-off sticky back for quick and simple wall mounting.

The head features a large silver plastic button to pause the water flow at the current temperature without needing to touch the main shower or tap controls. On the top of the showerhead is a three button rocker switch to select the current spray mode: Pulse, Wave or Spray. The three modes change from a centre weighted flow to medium or wide patterns,. The rocker switch is plastic and feels a bit flimsy but works well enough. The entire head unit can be removed leaving the tube to be used as a simple hosepipe but with the pause button still functioning. The showerhead also features a water softening feature using tiny balls of activated carbon, tourmaline anion and calcium sulfite but living in a soft water area I am unable to attest to how well this works.

The showerhead works well and gives a more powerful and wider spray than our old one although is slightly larger and a touch more unwieldy in the hand but the instant off switch and spray selection more than makes up for this.

If you need a budget priced versatile show head assembly with water softening then this could be just what you need.

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Roffie Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Most massagers use a vibrating oscillating action but this newly updated model from Roffie uses a 10mm stroke percussive technique which said to be better for the deep tissue massage often needed by athletes. For this reason, the $99.99 device is perhaps targeted at the sports market as much as the health.

In the attractive product, box can be found the massage gun itself, four fearsome-looking heads, a charging cable, Quick Start Guide, and a well printed and informative User Guide. Also included is a robust semi-rigid carry case with customed shaped inserts. Build quality is first-rate and the massage gun looks well capable of standing up to hours of use in the gym and at home.

The massager features a 1600m battery charged using any high power USB port. I was pleased to see that an up to date USB-C charging port is used but be sure to use a USB port with a 2A or better output, to ensure the device charges correctly. If charging from flat the device needs at least a 15% charge before the status LED comes on and the massager can be used.

The four heads, each with descriptive names – U-shaped, Bullet, T-shaped, and Ball – just click and twist in place and are just as easy to remove. On the U-shaped head remember to align the markers to fit. They are each designed to target specific areas: Ball Head mainly used for large muscle groups and suitable for arms, back, buttocks, thighs, calves, Bullet Head Suitable for meridians, palms, soles, T-shaped applicable to most parts of your body, and U-shaped suitable for neck, spine, Achilles tendon, etc. The gun has three-speed settings between 1600 -2800 rpm, with the speeds confirm by an LED row on the handgrip. The device is powered on and the massage level set using the single button again on the rear handgrip and operates with minimal noise at all speeds. The gun will turn off automatically after fifteen minutes of inactivity.

This device can be used both before and after workouts, to tone and soothe strained muscles or to prepare for a strenuous exercise session. Take care only to use on soft tissue areas and not directly on to hard or bony areas or on the head. Commonsense must tell you to also to avoid bruised or painful areas. When in operation take care to keep your fingers away from the gap between the oscillating head and the body. This is not an error you will make more than once.

The effect of using the unit is immediate and dramatic and due to the power of the device, it should be used with care. It does a good job of imitating the pummelling massage technique often used in sports therapy and does seem to work for specific toning techniques. Note that the massager will automatically stop after 10 minutes of sustained use to prevent possible tissue damage.

What is the difference between this unit and the more expensive rivals? Not a great deal in fact: this one has a slightly smaller battery, slower top speed, lacks colour LEDs, has single button control and feels less hefty than the more expensive alternatives.

It is not an inexpensive device but it is built to professional standards if not for Pro use and should last for years. If you need this sort of sports massager, I doubt you will find a better one

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Roffie Blood Pressure Monitor

This newly updated budget priced upper arm blood pressure monitor from Roffie is one of the least expensive I have yet tried but there few signs of corners being cut and indeed it has features some of the more costly rivals lack.

I used to use a cheap wrist position BP monitor but I was not confident in the accuracy of the results which seem to vary depending on how I positioned my wrist. My GP loaned me an upper arm cuff monitor which seemed so much easier to use and more consistently accurate. Since then I have been keen to try out as many monitors as I can see what variations are on offer.

In the box can be found the monitor itself, arm cuff, and User Guide. Build quality is first-rate with nothing looking likely to fail, fall off or pack in. No batteries were included.

The device is powered by four AAA batteries but has a power in port on one side so an external PSU can be used although one is not supplied. The cuff is well made and robust with a steel ring and velcro fastening and a generous length of tubing. It has built-in memory which supports one user and automatically records up to ninety readings after which it overwrites the oldest. Sadly, there is no provision to export the recorded data.

At the bottom of the monochrome LCD screen are buttons for Settings, Memory and Start/Stop. On one side of the unit is the power-in socket and on one side the port for the inflatable cuff. On the base is the battery compartment for the four AA batteries needed to power the device. The screen displays icons for time/date, battery level, Systolic pressure, Diastolic pressure, pulse rate, throbbing pulse icon, memory, memory status. The display is slightly smaller than others I have tried but is very easy to read with a large orange backlit display. Should abnormal blood pressure or arrhythmia be detected an alert will also be made.

Fit the cuff to the left arm with the tube facing down toward the wrist. Sit upright with the hands in front of you at around the same level as your heart. Press START/STOP, the cuff inflates and a reading is taken and shown on the screen, the HEART symbol pulsates and the current heart rate is displayed. The last 90 readings are automatically stored in the memory. Any unusual readings are flagged and alerted to. Press the MEMkey to scroll through the last 90 recorded readings. The SET key allows you to set the time and date.

Comparing it to the rather more expensive unit supplied to me by my doctor and others from more expensive rivals, I have to say that the results are broadly comparable and well within the normal variance expected between readings. This is otherwise a pretty standard monitor, it works well, is quick and easy to use, has a 90 stage memory that all but the most basic models now have. The only features lacking, for me, are the lack of a storage case and the inability to export data. The main difference between this and the more pricey rivals are the slightly smaller mono LCD screen, lack of USB power, no voice prompts, heavier battery use (4 AA’s rather than 3 AAA’s) and a small reduction in build quality from premium to good.

This is a fine quality blood pressure monitor, that is easy to use, reliable and looks great.

If you are not interested in the refinements of the dearer rivals and are only need ease of use and accurate results, then will be a great buy.

The Good
Accurate Results
Good Build Quality
Orange Backlit Display
Easy to use
Memory Function
External Power Option
Arrhythmic Irregularity Alert

The Bad
Batteries not included
No Carry Case
No Data Export

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Musonic No Pull Dog Harness

Poppy’s chest harness had been getting a bit tight on her for some time as she has put on a bit of weight as she gets older, so it was time to get a new harness. Sizing can be tricky and so I did not want to pay out too much in case it did not fit.

The harness came with a standard size lead and both the lead and harness seem well made, tough, and robust. Although I was careful to measure Poppy before ordering the appropriate size the harness is still rather loose around the neck although it fits here well enough around the chest and feels good and secure. No problems with the build quality, the harness is less bulky and constrictive than some I have seen and lighter in weight but seems to do the job well enough. When she is in it she cannot choke herself like she used to with a normal collar, all the strain goes on to her chest and although she can still pull just as hard if not harder than before, she cannot hurt herself.

For just £12.56 this seems a good buy considering you get both a harness and lead. It is not a perfect fit but that must surely vary from dog to dog. For the low cost, this seems a very decent buy.

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GEEKLIN Wireless Gaming Controller

Available now from Amazon for less than £40 this new wireless game controller from GEEKLIN has plenty to offer. It is made for use with the PS4 but will work with the PS3, Android 10+, Os 13+, and with Windows 10 in USB mode. It is powered by a rechargeable battery with a USB-C port for charging and data connection.

The device arrived in a simple but attractive branded product box containing the controller, USB charging cable, and a rather poorly translated and hard to read User Guide. I append a scan of the User Guide to my unboxing video, switch to full screen and pause to read it.

The controller has a tough ABS construction with a red and black finish with white detailing, throughout, a relatively classy alternative to the often garishly designed rivals. The controller is probably the best equipped I have yet tried and features twin vibration engines, 15 buttons (some backlit), touch control gamepad, motion sensor, audio port and blue status LED array.

To connect the controller first power on the gaming device and set it to pairing mode. Connect the controller to the PS4 with a USB cable and press the Home button on the controller, the LED on the controller will flash and then remain lit when connected. Remember to press Home after pairing to confirm the connection. Subsequently, the connection should be automatic when the controller is switched on. With a Windows 10 PC, it should also work over USB with no need for additional drivers or software. It can be paired to Bluetooth Android or iOS devices in the normal way.

After a three hour charge of the non-replaceable 380 mAh lithium battery, it is claimed to work for up to 15 hours and with up to 30 days on standby. I have no reason to doubt this. It will operate normally when charging and is designed for both wired and wireless use.

The construction feels reassuringly robust and ergonomically friendly in the hand. The buttons and controls are all easy to use and resistance-free. I must say I noticed hardly any latency when using it on my PC, which is a distinct step up from some controllers I have tried.

This is a fine product for the money. High-level gamers may be prepared to pay out much more for the slightly smoother gaming experience and reduced latency of a native controller but for most gamers, this new device should offer all they need.

The Good
Good price
Good Build Quality
Built-in Rechargeable Battery
Wired or Wireless Use
Works with Most Platforms

The Bad
No Carry case
Poorly Translated User Guide

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ESDDI 18inch LED Ring Light with Tripod

Updated, relisted and price lowered here is the latest 18″ ring light from ESDDI, and very good it is too.

In the box is everything you need to get the light up and running with your phone. Aside from the light unit itself, there is an extended length power cable with UK plug, lighting stand, phone mount, gooseneck extension mount, carry bag, and a user guide. Build quality is excellent and to the usual ESDDI high standard.

The light unit itself has an external diameter of 45.8 cm and an inner diameter of 31.8 cm, which is large enough to accommodate a full-size DSLR, camcorder or phone in an upright position. The base of the lamp has a standard adjustable mount prefitted in and easily slots in place on top of the light stand. The lamp can be angled forwards or back up to 270 degrees and with the gooseneck accessory mount able to give still more.

The lamp has a cold shoe mount on the lower side between the two buttons and another on the top of the unit. There are two metal screw mounts on the rear of the unit. Also on the rear is the large On/Off button and two rotary controls, one for 10-100% stepless dimming and the other for stepless control temperature between 3000K-6500K.

The metal three-stage light stand has large release knobs and extends to a maximum of 1.90M from just 48 cm when collapsed.

In use, the lighting unit is a delight. It is quick and easy to adjust with large rotary pots and a bright and even 4800 lumens display from the 432 LEDs. The light stand, although well made and robust, will wobble when extended, this is no big problem when just the light is mounted but if a full-sized camera is attached to the same stand you will need to give it time to stop moving. For critical use with a heavy camera, a weightier and more stable tripod would be needed or better still use a separate tripod for the camera. No ball and socket mount is included and so you will need to provide your own to use it with a camera positioned inside the ring.

The kit is designed to be portable and it will all pack neatly away into the supplied robust carry bag although some additional bubble wrap may be needed to protect the delicate light unit.

Available at £79.99 this is a very good price for a professional level piece of kit.

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ANLAN EMS Foot Massager

I have tried quite a few EMS foot massagers before and although they have all worked well enough they tend to be quite large, heavy and bulky and about the size of bathroom scales. They tend to be expensive too at around the £100 mark. Not so here with the small, lightweight and very portable EMS massager priced at just £24.99.

The kit arrived in a surprisingly small but nicely designed branded cardboard box inside of which was the massager, charging cable, Control Pad and a simple well written user guide. Build quality seems fine with little looking likely or seeming able to break or pack in any time soon.

The way the device works is to send small electrical charges through the circuitry hidden within the silicone pad. The electrical stimulation can cause muscles to react by contracting and relaxing with the level of electrical stimulation and to enhance circulation in the stimulated areas. When used you can feel the stimulation as muscles contract in the feet and calves. It takes a little getting used to but after a while, you get accustomed to it.

It offers six operating modes and fifteen levels of intensity available within each mode all set through the control box with a backlit LCD display to show the current mode and level. The control box attaches magnetically to the pad and houses the 150mAh battery which can be charged from any available USB socket. The unit will run for fifteen minutes before automatically turning off. It is completely silent in operation and after used can be cleaned with a damp cloth. A major selling point of the unit must be the compact size and ease of storage after use although it is a pity no storage bag was provided.

I certainly have felt some benefit from using it and my feet and legs felt less tired than before using it. I suspect the benefits are cumulative in nature and the best results are obtained with sustained use.

The device is well made and seems robust enough and nothing feels cheap flimsy.If you are in the market for this sort of health device then I very much doubt you will find a better one at this price.

The Good
Great price
Silent Operation
No Gel Pads needed
Good User Guide
Attractive Packaging

The Bad
Power cable too short
No storage bag

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LUXJET 15M LED RGB Strip Lights

Coloured lights are no longer just for Christmas and this extra long kit from Luxjet can be used in a variety of ways around the home. It contains all you need to get going and allows for room for expansion later. This latest generation kit is a marked step upwards from the older ones and is better made, better presented and easier to fit and at £25.49 pretty much matches them on price.

In the attractive and nicely sized product box are the usual components of a lighting strip: 15m 5050 5m Light strip, backing strip, fixing clips, UK Power supply, remote control, spare remote battery and a User Guide. I was pleased to see the inclusion of mounting clips and a spare battery, both items seldom included in these kits. The User Guide is indicative of just how far these kits have developed as it is well written, nicely printed and easy to read. I include a scan of it in my unboxing video.

Build quality is first-rate and high end. The RGB 5050 LED strip is made from copper, which is better for connectivity although more costly to produce. The large-sized 44 key remote control uses radio rather than infrared to connect and so line of sight is not needed. A good size connector is used to link the strip to the power unit with no need to struggle with tiny pin mounts.

Fitting could not be easier. Carefully cut the LED strip to the lengths you want at the marked points and Peel off the backing from the LED strip, push it in place and connect the LED strip to the power adapter. Remove the battery protector plastic strip from the remote control and connect the mains plug. Now you should be good to go.

The fitted LED strips if discreetly mounted can be left in place for future festive occasions, otherwise, they can be carefully removed and returned to the box ready for future use. As with all LED strips over time the sticky surface will come loose and so for long time of use a more permanent clip mounting method should be found and clips are included in the box for this.

Once connected up the remote control gives you access to eight preset lighting modes, six programmable modes, and twenty basic colours. All the expected strobe, flashing, pulsating and static lighting options are available.

Everything you need from a simple lighting kit is included here and at a very attractive price too given the quality of the product. All it lacks is direct Alexa/Google Home integration but suitable power sockets are available which allow voice control to turn the strip off and on and incorporate it into smart home routines.

The user-friendliness and build quality of this kit makes it better than most and well worth the price for the connected home.

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