Anpro 280 LED Curtain Lights Set

I have used a few curtain lights in the past and although they have all looked very pretty once up they were a nightmare to set up, one and all, since they all used ultra-thin copper wire that only needed to be looked at to get into an impenetrable tangle. Less so here, and this set looks better too.

This lighting kit consists of ten 28 LED hanging strings, each string having 7 colours with 4 lights to each colour. The set is USB powered with a button on the USB plug to scroll through the light options and power the unit off. A credit card size remote control is provided which allows each lighting option to be selected and the lights dimmed and switched on/off. When the Timer button is pressed the unit runs 6 hours on and 18 hours off. Unlike cheaper rivals, this set has anti-tangle wire (well, sort of) and good robust hooks to support the strings. A short and to the point User Guide is also provided. Most of the rival curtain lights are warm white only but this set is fully multicoloured.

Setting the lights up is far easy than with the copper wire rivals but by no means exasperation free. The thicker support wire does make the job far easier as it does the job of taking the kit down again and folding it up for storage. According to the Amazon page, these lights can be used outdoors but I have seen no specific IP rating and would myself hesitate to install them anywhere that they could get seriously wet. That said, the lights are not mains powered and can even be run from a Powerbank and so outside use would probably not be too risky. Here is a tip: the best way to take the lights down for storage is to do it slowly and carefully, string by string, winding each string around your fingers into a loop and securing it with a bag tie. Any other way will only lead to madness, confusion and sorrow without end.

Once up the multi-coloured lights really do look fantastic and a big step up from the copper wired twinklers, too good to save just for Christmas!

For the £11.99 price, this is a great buy.

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Subalian 925 Silver Infinity Bracelet

This delightful little Infinity Bracelet from Subalian comes with a Certificate of authenticity and is presented in a rather lightweight gift box that does not really do justice to the silver bracelet within.

The bracelet is made in Italy from 925-grade silver and adjustable to fit any small-sized wrist. Unlike with many rivals, the clasp was fairly easy to both close and open and seems secure enough when fitted. The bracelet looks good and is subtle, understated and a pleasant change from some of the in your face bling too often found at this budget price range. The bracelet wears well and can be worn with any outfit with subtle good looks and style blend in anywhere.

This would make a charming and attractive gift and at £29.90 will certainly not break the bank.

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Princess 1500W Smart Glass Panel Heater

Priced at £99.99 for the 1500w and £119.98 for the 2000w big brother, this new smart heater from Princess is by no means the cheapest on the market, but is it worth paying more for?

My initial impressions were not good. Some Amazon reviewers had complained about receiving damaged or scruffy products and the one I received arrived sporting a hefty dent in the rear. Although an old hand at these matters I was unable to get it to work with Alexa, the main reason I bought it.

An email to Princess support was promptly answered and told me that damaged goods were down to Amazon repackaging customer returns without inspecting them properly. The Alexa issue was quickly cured by unlinking and then relinking the Alexa HomeWizard Climate Skill.

The 1500w model is about two thirds the length of the larger one which is otherwise identical. It has a glass from panel with an integrated LED touchscreen display panel.  The heater looks great and has a rather posh upmarket feel to it. It works by convection only and is perfectly silent in operation. The device can be controlled manually but comes into its own when controlled through the dedicated HomeWizard Climate App and Alexa. Using the app temperatures can be instantly set along with timers and schedules and heat levels. When the app is paired to Alexa a new world of remote and voice control is opened up, to wide-ranging to go into here. The app can support multiple heaters as well as fans and other devices from Princess, all with Alexa integration. I should add that the device integrates just as nicely into Google Home setups.

The initial teething trouble now over, the device is working perfectly and seems good and reliable. Using Alexa the heater comes on each morning to preset the room to a particular temperature and turns off when the Alexa ‘Bedtime’ routine is run.

Would I advise buying? Yes, if you are an Alexa/Google Home user but open the box carefully and check it over well in case you have to send a scruffy one back.

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KOKODI LCD Writing Tablet

This easy to use device from KOKODI carries on and brings into the 21st century the tradition of the roman wax tablet and victorian slate writing board. This is a simple write-on/wipe-off board and at £10.99 will certainly not break the bank.

In the box, more of an envelope than a box, was the writing-table, scribe, a spare battery (one is prefitted) and a sort of lanyard strap. Build quality seems fine for the price and the device is described as being waterproof, shockproof, and drop resistant, although I might hesitate to put that to the test.

The device takes a widely available CR2016 which cost less than £1 each to replace. There is an access panel on the rear to replace the battery which I was pleased to see was protected by a childproof screw.

Using the pad could not be easier. The scribe, which clips into place on the top of the unit, has a choice of two nibs which can be used to write or doodle on the tablet as desired. Turn the Power switch on the base of the unit to On and then press the button below the LCD panel to wipe the screen. The screen can be written on even when the unit is switched off, which is great for battery life and to protect important notes, as the wipe button only works when the power switch is at the On position.

The tablet is mainly aimed at children but the magnetic back allows it to serve well as a kitchen or office notice board or for similar uses in the home.

The is a simple and versatile little device perfect for tiny hands and perhaps bigger ones too.

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Carevas Shiatsu Kneading Feet Massager

I have tried several Shiatsu style foot massagers in the past but none have offered the range of treatment methods available with this new model from Carevas. I have been suffering from sore and aching feet for a while so I was keen to give this new and interesting device a try in the hope of curing the problem.

The massager is larger than I expected and arrived packed in a large but attractively designed box. Inside was the device itself, a UK power supply, remote control, and a short but well written and easy to read User Guide. I enclose a scan of the User Guide in my unboxing video. Switch to full screen and pause as needed to view it.

Build quality seems fine. The unit, which is not so heavy as it appears, is well made and robust. The bays into which the feet go are lined with a heavy-duty soft material which can be unzipped and removed for washing. Unlike some rivals, the power supply is a single integrated unit with a UK three pin wall plug. The remote has large and easy to identify button and takes two AAA batteries (not supplied).

Inside the foot, openings are sets of airbags, rolling balls and heating elements all of which can be customised in use according to your needs. It offers three types of roller based massages: Kneading, Rolling, and Scraping. In addition, it also performs Air Compression, Heating, and Pressure treatments. It has three preset modes which cover low, medium and high settings on all functions. You can, however, adjust each independently as suits your need. The settings cover roller speed and air compression power along with timer control and heat on/off. When in operation there are LED’s that illuminate inside each foot bay.

Operating the unit is easy enough from the large touch control panel the top of the device or remote control. Left to right there are soft-touch buttons for Power, Timer, Air Compression, Roller Speed, Massage Mode, and Heat. There is a central LED number display and checkpoints to show the intensity level of each treatment type.
The above settings can all be defined manually through the control panel or remote, but three Modes are available also each with a combination designed for a specific treatment.

Using it for the first time is an interesting if rather worrying sensation. The device is quite noisy and emits some strange bleeps, whirrs and sighs as the various elements within do their work. Aside from the fairly standard vibration and rolling ball massaging the airbags give a sensation of compression which is a bit disconcerting at first and gave rise to thoughts of the old medieval Boot torture device. As soon as it got worryingly tight the compression was relieved and I soon got used to it.

My feet and legs certainly felt better afterwards, refreshed and soothed. I think I will persevere with using this device as unlike with many massagers I did feel a real benefit from using it. £129.99 is not cheap but given the build quality and effectiveness and ease of use of the device, I think it may be worth it.

The Good
Easy to Use
Good build quality
Good User guide
Remote Control
Works Well

The Bad
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Dikenson Trouser Hangers – Pack of 20

This new set of twenty rather classy and upmarket Trouser Hangers from Dikenson will add some style to your wardrobe and at £10.99 for the set are not badly priced. They arrived simply presented clipped together in an unbranded plastic bag with no paperwork or other items.

Each hanger is made entirely of ‘Chrome Metal’ and at 30.5cm across is not to wide to fit even into a small wardrobe or armoire. The hangers each have a large 8.5cm hook and two sliding clips, again of metal and with a
rubber grip to protect the clothing. The hangers themselves also sport a similar rubber protective sleeve on each end. The clips grip firmly and the hangers although lightweight are robust and strong enough to support the heaviest of garments. These are trouser hangers and although they can be used with other clothing, they lack the secondary trouser rail found on general-purpose hangers.

In use, as you would expect, they work perfectly well. The grips hold the trousers perfectly with no sign of them working free and I like the way the grips can be adjusted to suit the garment in position.

For the price and the quality, these are a very decent buy.

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CrazyLynX Cube Vacuum Storage Bags 4 Pack

This set of four vacuum storage bags is well priced at £15.99 considering the size and quality of the storage bags which at 100x80x38cm each are the largest I have ever seen.

This set of four vacuum storage bags is well priced at £15.99 considering the size and quality of the storage bags which at 100x80x38cm each are the largest I have ever seen.

In the product bag are just the four bags, no pump or instructions are included, which is a pity. The bags themselves seem strong and unlikely to rip or puncture anytime soon, the double seal again seems strong and reliable. The clever one-way valve works well and there is no danger of air getting back in as you fumble for the valve cap. There are three standard flat bags and one box-shaped bag, all of which have a double zip with a sliding catch to secure the seal and a large valve with cover.

Using the kit could not be easier. Add items to the bag, do not overfill, ziplock it shut and remove the valve cap. Screw the pump onto the valve and start pumping. I had wondered why no pump was included in the pack, I now know why as due to the huge size of these bags pumping the air out by hand takes an age and is too much like hard work for my liking. . The easiest and best way is to use a vacuum cleaner, just hold the nozzle against the valve and the air is automatically sucked out, no special adapters or joints are needed. Unlike with other bags I have used before there is no need to struggle with capping the valve after pumping as the seal closes automatically, just screw the cap back in place. To release, just unzip the bag.

Once completed each vacuumed bag should be able to save up to 80% in volume, as well as keeping bugs and mould at bay. Rival bags I have used in the past have slowly reinflated over time but the seal seems good with this set over the few days I have had it. It is easy enough just to top up the vacuum every few weeks if necessary.

If you need a space-saving way to store and protect your clothes or fabrics, this set could be just what you need.

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