SANBLOGAN Car Back Seat Organiser 2 Pack

This set of two complementary but not identical Car back Seat organisers takes a different approach than others I have tested and aims to help protect the back seat rather than pack the maximum number of pockets into the organiser.

The organiser set arrived very simply but securely packaged in a plastic shipping bag. Whilst this does the job it is a pity more effort could not have been made to present the product better. A well designed colourful package could surely boost sales, look better on the shelves and make the item a more appealing as a gift.

Each is a 23.6 * 15.7-inch multi-pocket organiser made from Polyester, Mesh fabric and PVC and is attached by adjustable straps to the rear of a car front seat with a loop going over and under the headrest. It can also be attached to the rear of a rucksack to hold items needed on the road without disturbing the rucksack contents.

The two organisers are very similar, the difference being that one has a single large zipped pocket taking up almost all the lower half of the item, the other has a smaller velcro secured lower pocket with two elasticated mesh pockets either side. The top of each unit is the same with a large PVC touch screen windowed pocket capable of holding a ten-inch tablet with meshed pockets either side suitable for a drinking bottle or power bank. The outside of the two organisers has a plain easy clean anti kick surface designed to protect the contents and the rear of the car set from young feet. All the pockets are well-sized and easy to access. Should accidents occur then the organiser can be easily wiped down or in the worst cases machine washed. The empty organiser can be easily rolled up or folded flat when not in use.

Fitting the organiser could not be more simple. There are two straps, the top 15 inches, the bottom 43 inches, both adjustable with large finger-friendly clips. The top strap loops over the seat headrest, the other about a third of the way up from the bottom of the organiser goes around the front seat. With both in place, the organiser can help completely flush to the rear of the car set which protects the contents better, saves space, and stops it flapping around.

This is a simple solution to a perennial problem and hopefully can make your next long family car journey more enjoyable and stress-free. There are plenty of rival products available and they are all pretty much the same. This one is well made and gets the job done at a perfectly reasonable price and there is no reason not to recommend it.

The Good
Good Price
Well Made
Multiple pockets
Tablet pocket
Bottle holders

The Bad
Poor presentation
Many similar rivals

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Jelly Belly Assorted Flavours Sport Beans 28 g (Pack of 6)

Like many runners, I like to take something along to refresh me and hopefully give me more energy when I am out on the road. At one time I used to take gel packs –  small packs of sugary paste which toy squeeze into your mouth – but I found them awkward to carry, tricky to open when running, and they invariably got my fingers gunged up and left me with the problem of having to dispose of a sticky and messy plastic wrapper. So iot was that I turned to sports beans.

I have tried various different types of beans and to be honest they are all pretty much the same and vary only price from expensive to crazy mad expensive.  The pack lists a long range of flavourings, chemicals, vitamins and other nutrients for what that may be worth but do they work, do they help me run better? For me at least, as with the gels, they don’t help me in any way physically to run faster or further. However, they are quite refreshing, prevent a dry mouth and as I always take one at the halfway point in my standard 10K run they give me a mental boost and something to look forward to on the outward half of the run. The beans are small and easy to keep in the pocket or running belt and I pop just one into a small sealed pouch inside my belt. On the road, they are easy to store and more robust than the squashy gel packs and far easy to manipulate when running.

As regards flavour, these beans, like all the others I have tried, have a strong and refreshing taste that does help with a dry or gunged up mouth and although they are fine for running they are not the sort of thing I would eat as a sweet in other circumstances.  The beans come in a range of colours and flavours within each pack but I cannot say I have ever noticed any difference between them but as I only ever eat one per run and I suppose that is to be expected.

Like with all the rivals, these beans are not cheap but the manufacturers know that selling them as a sports accessory means they can inflate the price. There is no way I would pay nearly £2 for a packet of about a dozen small jelly bean type sweets otherwise but I still buy them at £13.29 on Amazon for a pack of six bags.

These are perfectly good sports beans and for me, they work but perhaps not for the reasons the manufacturer would have us believe.

Fairywill P11 Electric Toothbrush

Here is the new flagship toothbrush from Fairywill and it perhaps a new generation of products for a company known for providing high quality, well presented, budget-priced health care products. The opening price of $49.99 is higher than that usually found for Fairywill products but it does come with a couple of attractive pre-order offers from the Fairywill website of a 20% discount coupon and a free cordless water flosser.

The toothbrush arrived nicely packaged in an attractive and distinctly upmarket product box inside of which was the toothbrush itself, two heads (one prefitted), a short non-standard USB Charging Cable, and a USB cable adapter. No USB charging adapter is included, but any standard phone charger will do. A well-written and nicely printed User Guide was also included and I append this to my unboxing video.

As usual with Fairywill, the build quality seems excellent and although this is a rather lightweight device, the toothbrush feels robust and sturdy and is satisfyingly chunky and easy to hold in the hand. The brush sports a new and rather more stylish design and this coupled with the new posh packaging and increased price kicks Fairywill into a new league. The head is of the sonic rather than rotary type and makes a not unpleasant high pitched buzz when in use. The toothbrush is IPX7 waterproof, so no need to worry if it falls in the bath!

Using the toothbrush was simple and straightforward. At speeds of up to 62000 movements each cycle – the fastest I have seen on any brush – the toothbrush worked fine in all three brushing modes: Clean (62K operation) Soft (56K operation), Massage (56-62 alternating). Selectable by pressing the large Power button, each mode is indicated by a LED display and marked change in sound from the motor. The LED display is attractive but confusing and it is hard to tell which mode the device is using just by looking at it. The automatic memory functions allow the brush to always start in the last mode used. It has a two-minute auto-off timer with 30-second alerts.

The LED display also functions as a charging indicator. The LED will slowly flash when the brush needs charging, show continually when charging is complete before turning off after two minutes. A two-hour charge should be good for at least three weeks of normal use. It is a pity that a non-standard USB cable is used rather than an easily replaced regular cable. A cable adapter is included but I am not sure what for as it allows the non-standard Fairywill cable to be used to feed two micro-USB devices rather than allowing the Brush to be powered from micro-USB.

The brush sat nicely in the hand and was nice and quiet in use. My mouth felt just as clean and refreshed after use as with the high-end brush I usually use. The brushes seem good and strong and look to me like the standard Fairywill type for which but replacements can be found online for £8.99 for a set of four.

This is a first-rate toothbrush, well priced and well made, that works excellently, is easy to use and looks good in the bathroom. My only criticism is the use of a non-standard USB charging port on the device itself, so take care not to lose the charging cable. The current price is not so cheap as usual but this is negated by the very attractive pre-launch offers available. No doubt the standard price will fall after launch.

The Good
Great price
Robust build quality
Attractive New Design
Two heads included
Super High Bushing Speeds
Three modes
IPX7 Water-Resistant
Auto Timer
Good User Guide
Upmarket Packaging

The Bad
Non-standard Charging cable
No USB Adapter
No Carry case
No Charging Stand

More Info and Purchase

LC dolida Sleep Sports Bluetooth Headband

The first thing that struck me about this excellent product was face glaring out at me from the front of the otherwise plain product box. Strange but curiously arresting marketing… No matter that does not detract from the quality of this otherwise excellent product.

Inside the box along with the headband itself, was the control pod with hardwired 3.5mm jack plug, plastic waterproof control pod case, two seal plugs for the headband audio socket, audio cable, USB charging cable and a User Gude. The build quality of everything seems fine, well-made and with a quality feel to it. It is a pity, however, no carry bag for the headband and accessories was included.

The headband is nicely padded, comfortable and easy to wear. The speakers do not seem to be removable, unlike with similar products I have tried, and since the product is described as washable, I suppose this must be done with the speakers in place. Personally, I would take great care when doing so and make sure to insert one of the water plugs into the headphone socket. The headband can be used either as a normal headset using the supplied standard audio cable to connect to a phone or iPod or by using the Bluetooth control pod. I was very pleased to see that the latest Bluetooth 5 technology was has been used for this as this will greatly improve the sound quality, range and connection. The User Guide is well written in good English, nicely printed and easy to read. I append a scan of it to my unboxing video.

Pairing the pod to the phone is a matter of just pressing the single button and following the voice prompts. Using the button with long, short bor multiple presses allows calls to be made, received and rejected, to pause/play music and turn the device off. There are Up and Down buttons to regulate volume and navigate tracks. A single large and rather bright LED on the clip-on pod shows the current device status.

I prefer to use this headset for listening to music when in bed as it allows me to comfortably rest my head on the pillow when laying on my side, not possible easily with normal headphones and often uncomfortable with in-ear or True Wireless models. The headband is a little tight for me but for those with smaller heads, it would be perfect. It is soft and padded and the speakers do not press into the ears or feel intrusive in any way. I would feel it a little restrictive to wear for sports use but others may disagree. The control pod can either hang free or can be attached to clothing or to the headband itself using the built-in clip.

I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality. Often headphones with unusual design tend to sacrifice audio quality but not so here. The audio is good with plenty of bass, clear and non-muddy mid times and high frequencies which are not sibilant or grating. These are not the best I have ever used but the sound quality is more than adequate and better than many conventional headphones I have used costing much more.

This is an excellent device for home or bedtime use with very decent sound quality but is well made and durable enough for sports use. The current Amazon price of £15.99 makes it particularly attractive.

The Good
Good Sound Quality
Great Price
Good Build Quality
Bluetooth 5
Case for Control Pod
Poor Packaging

The Bad
Tight fit for large heads
No Carry Bag

More Info and Purchase

TrandPower 50 LED 7 Meter Garden Solar String Lights

Unlike many similarly priced rivals, this set of LED garden lights seems built to last and hopefully will not need to be replaced every year. The set also features both a larger sized solar array than usually found as well as a more powerful and capacious battery.

Being presented in a plain brown box does not help this otherwise above average product. Attractive presentation would allow surely help sales of this otherwise excellent set of lights and even allow the budget Amazon price of £12.99 to be increased somewhat. Anyway, inside the box are the set of 50 LED globe lights, garden spike mount set, wall mount screw set, infrared remote control. No instruction or other items are included or needed.

One of the selling points of this item is the larger than normal 14 x 10cm solar panel. The larger size in turn allows a above average sized 1200mAh battery to be fitted which when fully charged should be enough to allow the device to run the whole night, winter as well as summer – although the I would recommend, as with all solar power units, that this be brought indoors for winter storage with perhaps a brief outing at Christmas. True, the lighting set is IP65 water resistant, enough to keep it protected from everything short of water immersion, but you can never be too careful.  The solar charger/battery box can be either mounted in the ground using the supplied ground spike or to a wall or other surface using the screw set included. The 50 LED set extends to 16.4ft with an additional 6.5ft of cable between the box and the first LED, after which the LED’s are spaced 3.9in apart.

Controlling the item is easy enough. On the rear are two large and easy to identify proper clicky buttons, on to turn On/Off the other to scroll through the eight lighting modes available. The available modes are: Steady on, combination, fireflies flashing, waving, fading, chasing/flashing, slowly fading, twinkling/flashing.   To allow the set to be position in a hard to access location a credit card sized remote control has been included with dedicated keys for all the principal features of the light set.

Once in position, the warm white lighting set does look good, aided perhaps by the large size of the glass effect lighting globes.  When in the On mode the lights will come on at dusk and go off again at dawn or when the battery runs out. Certainly, when correctly positioned they can add some real style to your garden or patio. If you need a set of decent quality robust garden string lights then this would be a very good buy.

The Good
Good Build Quality
Good Price
Large size Solar Panel
Remote Control
Large Buttons
1200mAh battery

8 Operating Modes

The Bad
No Standard Battery Option
No External Power Option
Poor Presentation

Wooputne 5000 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight Torch

There are plenty of flashlights out there on eBay and Amazon making huge claims for their power and light output. A while back I reviewed one very similar to the one under test today that claimed a ludicrous 30000LM rating. The one today is not so bold but still claims a light output of 5000 Lumen, which if true, will still make it one of the most powerful handheld torches on the market. Later on, I will perhaps make a head to head comparison video of both torches.

The flashlight arrived packaged in a slightly scruffy and rather downmarket box inside of which was the torch itself, a USB to USB-C charging cable, a rubber hand grip, a lanyard strap, and a user guide. I cannot fault the build quality, it all seems heavy duty and made to last. Indeed, the torch is rated as IPX5 water-resistant, which means it should be fine in all but immersion or sustained water jets. The User Guide is rather small but is well written, well printed and in colour. I enclose a scan of it at the end of my unboxing video.

Looking at the torch itself, the twelve 12 CREE XM-L T6 LED lamp beads (assuming that is indeed what they are) can be seen behind the toughened glass lens. On either side about an inch or so down the body can be found on one side the grommet protected USB-C charging port and on the other, the flush fit power button with next to it the red LED screen showing the current battery level and three-stage light output setting. The supplied lanyard strap can be looped over one end of the torch and through the eyelet slots on the rear.

Before first use, or when the torch has not been used for some while it is necessary to press the Off/On button five times in rapid succession to switch it on. Do the same to switch it back into storage mode if you plan not to use it for a while. This is to avoid accidents when in storage. After that just press the button to turn on and repeat to scroll through the three light outputs levels. Press three times to enter Strobe mode. The button is completely flush and does not feel intuitive to use, a more sculptured feel to it would be better. Although sustained use it not forbidden the device does get distinctly warm after a short while, which is one reason the rubber hand grip is provided.

So how bright is this torch? Bright, very bright in fact and certainly one of the most powerful torches I have ever used. According to the CREE website each of the twelve CREE XM-L T6 LEDs can deliver up to 1040 lm maximum but this depends on the power supply and when driven to anywhere near their full potential light output they would generate a large amount of heat which would be hard to dissipate in a small metal enclosure. As regards the battery and power output we are not told much other than that the Lithium Polymer battery delivers up to 4.20 volts at 10 amps. That is a pretty powerful output. 5000 lumens is not impossible by any means but I suspect 3000 is nearer to the mark. There is no easy way to disassemble the torch but I am tempted to do so to see just what sort of battery is in there. The other similar model I tested contained four 18650’s and I would not be surprised to find the same in here.

This really is an excellent torch, powerful, well made and easy to use. Unlike some rivals, it does not require the purchase of specialised and costly batteries. For the current Amazon price of £32.99, you will get one of the most powerful handheld flashlights available and with the added advantage of rapid charging using the latest USB-C

The Good
Great price
Great Build Quality
Rechargeable Batteries
USB-C Charging

The Bad
No Carry Case
No Charger
Doubt over claimed light output

More Info and Purchase

Gueray 16GB HIFI Bluetooth MP3 Player

I did not think that in 2019 that anyone still used MP3 players but if it looks like they do and if this new £34.99 player from Gueray is anything to go by then they still have plenty to offer.

Packaged in an attractive but rather downmarket box was the MP3 player itself along with in-ear wired headset, micro-USB charging cable, soft carry case, three sets of earbuds (one prefitted), and a well written but poorly printed colour User Guide. The build quality of everything seems excellent. The 2.5 x 2.2 x 0.7 Inch MP3 player is built like a tank with a metal body, metal and tough plastic buttons, glass screen and is heavier than I expected, perhaps for that reason. The supplied in-ear headset is of better than average quality and superior to those usually supplied with budget audio devices.  The User Guide is of decent quality and in colour but is small in size, poorly printed and hard to read.

Facing the screen on the left side of the metal body are buttons for Menu, Forward, Back and Return. On the other side are the large knurled volume knob and micro-SD card slot whilst on the top are the micro-USB and Headphone ports together with the Power On/Off button. On the front face is the 2.4″ 320×240 TFT backlit screen which is bright and colourfull if but rather low resolution. The device uses an integral 420mAh polymer lithium battery charged through the micro-USB port (which can also be used for OTG file transfers to a smartphone) with a 4-5 hour charge giving a claimed 45 hour playback time. It comes with 16GB of internal storage and up to a further 128GB can be added using the micro-SD card slot.

This device is not just for music playing (MP3/WAV/OGG/WMA/FLAC/APE/AAC-LC/ACELP formats) it can also support these features:
Video (160×128 AVI)
Ebooks (TXT/LRC)
Images (JPEG/BMP)
FM Radio (87MHz-108MHz) with 30 presets
Audio Recording (MP3/WAV)
Bluetooth 4.2
OTG smartphone connection for file transfer

Direct USB connection to PC/MAC for file transfer

As regards these other features, they do all seem to work but some are far more useful than others. Video playback does work but the low screen resolution and limited file formats make this not really worth the effort. Ebook playback does work and the screen is bright and with good contrast but again the small screen size makes this not really very practical. FM Radio works fine, using the wired headset as an antenna. Audio recording works but can be best used for note taking rather than music recording. Bluetooth headphones work well and are easy to connect in the usual way but it is a pity the latest Bluetooth 5 system is not used.

Audio quality, the main requirement for an MP3 player, is excellent. The menu system is good and easy to negotiate to find the tracks and albums needed. The screen displays the album cover if this is included in the selected file folder. The built-in storage is enough for about 3500 songs in standard format and music can be listened to whilst browsing folders, images and ebook files on the device. Using the common LRC format song lyrics can also display on screen as the music plays. Personally, I use it with Bluetooth headphones for MP3 and FM radio only. the other features either not of interest to me or not worth the effort of configuring.

The Good
Great Build Quality
Good Price

Good Audio Quality

The Bad
No Touch Screen
Poor Video Quality
No Bluetooth 5