TStrap Milanese Loop Watch band Strap with Magnetic Clasp

I needed a new strap for my Motorola 360 gen 2 watch as the leather strap supplied with it is getting a bit tired. This one seemed a good buy for the current Amazon price of £15.99.

It arrived simply packaged in a plastic bag along with two sets of spare watch spindles. I was pleased to see the enclosed spindles had quick release clips, these make it so much easier to fit the strap.

Build quality seems fine. The black strap I ordered was uniformly coloured with no sign of chipping or poor colouring. The strap was lightweight, in the right light you can almost see through it, and very flexible. The magnetic clasp seems strong and robust although I will be careful with it at first as the idea of the watch being held in place just by a magnet is a bit worrying.

This is a good quality watch strap currently available at a very attractive price and there seems no good reason not to give it a go.

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Satechi Aluminum Multi-Port Adapter V2 for 2016/2017 MacBook Pro and MacBook

This is a sophisticated professional level product well that matches nicely with the new revised MacBook Pro. At the current price of £79.99, reduced we are told from £89.99, it is certainly priced at Apple levels. This is a redesign of an earlier model and has a slightly modified body shape together with improved heat diffusion and an enhanced micro SD card slot. I have never used the earlier model so cannot comment on these improvements.

In the lightweight and simple box was just the hub itself. No Information sheet or User Guide was included although this may have been just a packing oversight. No carry case was included either.

Build quality is first rate and the 130gm aluminium body is so light I thought at first it was made of plastic but of course, a quick examination showed this was not the case. It has the following ports: three USB 3, one pass-thru USB-C, Ethernet, 4K HDMI, SD card, micro-SD card. I was pleased to see that the Ethernet connection is for a high-speed Gigabit LAN and that it has a USB-C pass-thru port output so other devices can be piggybacked. The power in USB-C cable is hardwired and so should disaster strike the cable then the device itself will be for the bin. It is a pity a detachable USB-C cable could not be used in place of it.

In the absence of a data sheet, I cannot say what the maximum power handling of the USB3 ports is although the UNB-C can charge devices up to 45w, so Macbooks will be fine.

This is an excellent quality, highly versatile hub that would be a welcome addition to any new MacBook or MacBook Pro user or indeed any device supporting the new USB-C port. The price is by no means cheap but hopefully, this may come down with time,

The Good
Superb build quality
Attractive design
USB 3 support
Gigabit LAN port

The Bad
Hardwired input cable
No carry bag
No User Guide

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HailiCare EMS Foot Massager Circulation Booster with Belt and Remote Control

There are plenty of Foot Massager/ circulation booster devices available and most for the same price or thereabouts as this one – currently at £85.95 discounted from £189.99. However, this one offers more and in fact is three health devices in one. There is the foot massager itself and in addition, a set of gel pads and a waist belt which offer EMS stimulation controlled through the main unit foot massager to which they are connected by cables and which can be further controlled using the handheld remote control.

The whole kit arrived in an upmarket and attractive box, a step up from the usual cheap packaging often offered by budget Chinese devices. Inside was the Foot Massager, UK power adaptor, remote control, four gel pads, cable set for gel pads, waist belt, cable set for the waist belt, User Guide. Annoyingly no storage bag is included so take care not to lose the cables and pads. The User Guide, unlike those from many rival products, is large and easy to read. I append a scan of it to my unboxing video. Switch to full screen and pause as needed to read it.

The way the device works is to send electrical stimulation through the footrests of the main unit or through the electrodes built into the gel pads or waist belt. The electrical stimulation can cause muscles to react by contracting and relaxing in relation to the level of electrical stimulation and to enhance circulation in the stimulated areas. The foot massager also offers heat to enhance the process and the action on specific areas of the feet according to Chinese medicine can benefit other parts of the body. A chart showing this is included in the User Guide. A certain amount of faith is required here for best results, I suspect.
It offers twenty-five operating modes for the feet and the same for the waist belt and pads with ninety-nine levels of intensity available within each mode.

It seems a bit daunting at first sight with numerous buttons and no less than for LED screens. In fact, it is quite simple. The large centre button is to power it off and on. Below are five more buttons: Function select, UP (+), Auto/Manual Mode, DOWN (-), Heat On/Off. Between the two footpads are four LED displays: Time, Mode selected, Body Intensity, Sole Intensity. After powering on press the Function button to select the program you want then the Up or Down buttons to chose the intensity level. The same thing applies when using the pads or belt. Pressing the Auto/Manual button it will cause it to run for up to 25 minutes in manual at one selected mode(time controlled through UP and DOWN buttons). In auto mode, it will cycle through the twenty-five modes changing every sixty seconds.

I certainly have felt some benefit from using it and my feet and legs felt less tired than before using it. I suspect the benefits are cumulative in nature and best results are obtained with sustained use.

The device is well made and seems robust enough and nothing feels cheap flimsy. The main unit is lighter in weight than I was expecting considering the size but it does not feel cheaply made. If you are in the market for this sort of health device then I very much doubt you will find a better one at this price.

The Good
Great price
Quiet operation
Excellent User Guide
Attractive packaging
Belt and pads add-on
Manual/Auto modes

The Bad
No information about replacement gel pads
Power cable too short
No storage bag

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Tacklife DMS03 Multi-Wall Detector for Metal, AC Wire, Wood

This device is like a mini mine detector that can be used to find metal and other items concealed behind the plaster. This can be a godsend when you need to drill into unknown surfaces and you are not sure what lays beneath. Drilling into a live cable is no fun at all.

Inside the plain cardboard box is the detector itself, a soft carry case, and a
Small, poorly translated and hard to read User Guide. I append a scan of the User Guide to my unboxing video. Switch to full screen and pause as needed to read it. The device takes a single 9v battery but sadly no battery is included, which is a pity as it means the device cannot be used straight from the box.

The device has a large and bright mono LCD display and this shows the battery status, type of material currently scanned for, magnetic/non-magnetic metal type, detection depth, auto calibration status, signal strength. The maximum working depth is Ferrous metals 80mm, non-ferrous 60mm, Live copper cables 50mm, wood 20mm. On the front is the LCD display along with three buttons. The top button turns the detector Off/On, left button sets it to Wood Detection mode, the right button to Metal/Live Wire mode. Along the top are Red, Yellow and Green LED status lights.

Before switch on ensure that the sensor area on the underside of the device is clean and dry and check too that the felt runners are clean. Some users have reported that the felt can leave marks on certain surfaces so be sure that the surface is clean and dry and that the felt pads are in good shape. It is good policy to auto-calibrate the unit before use and this is easily done by removing it from any possible signal source and pressing the Metal/Livewire button until the annoying high pitched noise stops and the green light comes on.

To scan first select the signal type (wood/metal, live wire) and place the DMSO3 onto or just above the surface to be scanned and move the unit from side to side along the area to be scanned. The signal strength indicator will change when a source is located. Press the Metal/Wire button once to detect for metal, twice when searching for live wires. The unit can only detect 50 or 60 Hz live wires, others will be located just as metal objects.

There are many sources of interference available and false positive are common so take care to remove anything that may disrupt the way the device operates. Like devices of this type is not 100% accurate but when used carefully it can be a very useful item to keep in your toolbag and perhaps even a lifesaver. The current price of £35.97 is not bad and although there may be cheaper rivals available it is also wise to pay out for a professional level item such as this.

The Good
Good price
Good build quality
Bright backlit screen

The Bad
Pads leave marks
Poor User Guide
No battery included
Constant high pitched noise in some modes
Not always accurate


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Campark X20 4K 20MP WIFI Touch Screen Action Camera

Reduced on Amazon from a fantasy price of £299.99 to a more sensible £79.99 this new action camera from Campark falls into the mid-price range but for functionality and features it is decidedly high end.

The camera and accessories arrived packaged in a large and rather upmarket box which belies the low price. You get plenty of kit for your money as my unboxing video shows. A full range of accessories and mounts are included including a remote control with wrist strap. The only omission is the lack of an SD card. It is a pity about the SD card as they are cheap enough these days and would not add greatly to the cost and would allow the camera to be used straight from the box. The printed User Guide although not great is distinctly superior to those usually found, is a decent size, well printed in colour and easy to read. I attach a copy of the guide to my unboxing video. Run the video full frame and pause as needed to read it.

The camera itself, which resembles almost exactly every other action camera of this type bar the tiny secondary LCD screen on the front, is certainly better than I expected for the money. Video quality is the best I have encountered for an action cam in this price range, and a definite step up from many of the cheaper no-name GoPro clones. The 170° angle of view is great but with the barrel distortion common to all cameras of this type although there is the option to correct for this in the settings. Image stabilisation is also available and this works surprisingly well and better than I expected.There was a time when this would have been seen as a high-end camera and now standards are moving higher even in the budget market. This camera does a perfectly decent quality 4K@24fps –at 2880*2160 rather than the standard 3840×2160 -as well several other rather more useful modes including 1920×1080@60fps and 720P 120fps slow motion. The slow motion is OK and at 120fps is better than on some rival action cameras but not so good as my 240fps Nexus 6P phone. Still images were good but with still images when WDR was enabled I noticed a tendency for some colour fringing. With a right subject in even lighting, it was capable of producing excellent results for both video and stills. Remember that the sample footage in my unboxing video will have been heavily compressed during posting and not reflect the true resolution.

Unlike many lesser action cams that claim to be waterproof but are not specific about the details this one clearly states it is IP68 water resistant which is the highest level of protection available. It should be fine for swimming and diving use to at least the 30m depth claimed.

The camera has loop recording, which is often used for cameras and does indeed offer a Car Mode but I have not seen in the User Guide that the camera has the G-Sensor needed to record and flag impacts. For me, that is no big deal as I have yet to find an action camera that will actually work effectively as a Dashcam.

Like many more upmarket action cameras, it has wifi built in which means the camera generates a mini wifi network of its own which allows an attached phone have basic control the camera and viewed live-streamed video. To use it you need to download the “CamKing” app from Apple or Android. The Android app is better than most and will stream a decent quality video stream, save images and video to the app. I was not able to test the iOS version of the app. I doubt I will need to use the app as the camera comes equipped with an excellent remote control button, large and easy to use in gloved hands which allows you to take pictures and videos, which is all I would want to use the app for. All action cameras have a settings mode you can access using the rear LCD screen but this one is by far the best I have tried so far. The screen is touch sensitive (although a bit sticky at times) with multiple and easy to read options large and bright enough to be usually outdoors. There is also a quick access panel to the main camera options available by swiping up from the home screen.

This is by far the best action camera I have used in this price range. Image quality is excellent, there is a wide range of modes and options available including Electronic Image Stabilisation and Rectilinear image correction. A good range of mounts is included as well as a carry case. For the current price, I doubt you will find a better Action Camera.

The Good
Great price
Good video quality with EIS
170° Angle of view
IP68 water resistant
Good Android app
Nice packaging
Remote control
Wide range of accessories included
2-inch screen
Excellent easy access touchscreen menus
Car mode
Rectilinear distortion correction

The Bad
No SD card included
Some colour fringing in WDR stills
Touch screen sensitivity could be better

More info and purchase

imuto 20100mAh 45W Power Bank with USB-C and QC 2.0

I have used quite a several power banks from iMuto recently and they have always been high spec with the latest generation technology but rather more expensive than many l rivals. At £49.99 discounted from £62.99 on Amazon, this powerbank is indeed by no means the inexpensive but is it worth paying extra for?

It arrived in a simple eco-friendly box inside of which was the powerbank itself, a USB to USB-C cable, and a soft carry pouch. Although no doubt we all have them in abundance nevertheless it is a pity no USB to micro-USB charging cable was included. What was included was a well designed and nicely printed User Guide albeit rather small in size. I enclose a scan of it on the end of my unboxing video.

Although well made and attractive enough it has an unusual two-tone finish to the body which some may like although I am not amongst them as for me it lacks the sophisticated feel of most iMuto devices. But that may just be me. That aside, it has an upmarket look to it and this coupled with the high build quality gives it the feel of a high-end item. The 20100mAh 45W capacity of the unit certainly belies the compact size of the device, the last 20000mAh powerbank I had was twice this size and weight.

On one side is the single a control, a soft touch Off/on switch next to a row of blue status LEDs. Unlike with many iMuto power banks there is no LCD status screen
On the front is the micro-USB power-in port, the QC2 USB output port, the USB-C input/output port and a PD2 status LED.

The charging ports adjust automatically to the requirements of the connected device to allow for speedier and safer charging. Should there be an overload then the device will safely reset itself. Unlike most power banks of this one can charge Apple Macbooks using the USB port and supports the 19v output level needed. Unlike most rivals not only does this powerbank have a USB-C output port but the same port can be used to charge the internal battery of the powerbank. It can also charge external devices whilst itself being charged, most power banks cannot charge and discharge simultaneously.

The main selling points for this device and the reason it is worth paying the extra are the compact size, high power capacity, USB-C in/out and Macbook compatibility.If these high-end features are important to you then this would make an excellent buy.

The Good
High capacity battery
Compact size
Carry bag
USB-C port
Fast internal battery charging
QC 2 output
USB-C cable included
USB and USB-C power in ports
Macbook compatible
Can charge internal battery and external devices simultaneously

The Bad
Plastic feel
No USB charging cable

More info and purchase

iMuto 100W 220V AC Power Inverter for M5 Powerbank

Just reviewed the UK power adapter add-on for the iMuto powerbank I reviewed yesterday:

This is a UK specced add-on for the iMuto M5 Powerbank. This attaches to the top of the 185Wh/50000mAh iMuto M5 Powerbank and allows any device with a standard UK three pin plug to be powered by it. It outputs 220v at up to 100 watts only. This will be fine for small lamps, laptops etc but forget about trying to run fan heaters, hair dryers etc from it.

In the box is just the inverter and User Guide, co cables, case or other accessories are included.

Fitting it could not be more simple. The male connector on the lower side folds down to engage the port on the top of the M5 powerbank, turn the large screw on top of the inverter until it is finger tight and turn the small turret switch on the inverter. The LED lights up and it automatically turns on the M5 and delivers power to the single UK socket on the inverter top.

Priced at £39.99 this is not cheap but it is well made and robust and will allow you M5 to power most household devices.


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