Yingdelai Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags

We have two dogs, Poppy and Blenheim, both hardcore pooing machines when out on their walk. They think nothing of going half a dozen times each when out and about. So it is that our household goes through vast quantities of poo bags and so it is that sourcing decent quality bags at a reasonable price is  not unimportant.

What do we want from our poo bags? Strength: the horrors of a burst or split poo bag are best left to the imagination. Capacious: Blenheim is a big boy with a hearty appetite, need I say more? Scented: no need to expand more on that topic. Tie Handles: crucial to keep the contents in place and to keep the fingers as far away from that which lies within as possible. Price: with two dogs in tow that have devoted their lives to both eating and pooing the less expensive the bags the better.

These bags from Yingdelai are well priced at £15.99 for 450. There are cheaper rivals available, but they lack the robust feel and design of these ones. These come folded rather than on rolls, which is a good or bad thing according to your preference. They are  thick enough and a decent size at 34.5 x 18 cm with large and easy to tie handles and smaller grap loops. They are also eco-friendly, we are told, and so will dissolve into the earth in about eighteen months. They are scented, which can only be a good thing.

If you are in the market for poo bags, and how many dog owners are not, then these are a rather good buy.

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ANSGEC Acrylic Paint Pen Set

This attractive pen set from ANSGEC consists of 12 large and 12 small pens, each with a reversible nib and in a range of 12 colours.

The paints are acrylic, water-based and non-toxic. The pens can write on most surfaces, paper, plastic, ceramics, and are quick but not instant drying. Being paint based for permanent fixture in areas of abrasion it is best to coat the writing surface after use, but this is not needed in most instances. The colours are bright and non-fading and the pens themselves do not dry out over time, as do many lesser rivals.

As with most pens of this type, first press the nib down, hold and then gently pump it up and down paint flows into the transparent area around the nib. The nib just pulls out and can easily be reversed to select a change of nib size ( 0.7-5mm) or from round to chisel shape.

If you need good al purpose marker pens either for art or for general use around the house you will do well to find a better set for the £11.96 asked here.

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Rybozen WiFi Range Extender Repeater

This entry-level repeater and range extender from Rybozen is a budget way of extending your home wifi network reception to any dead spots you have.

In the mid-market box was the repeater itself, a short Ethernet cable, User Guide, Quick Start Guide. Build quality seems fine with nothing looking likely to break, fall off or pack in anytime soon. The two guides are well written and comprehensive but poorly printed and hard to read.,

The point of the device is to extend an existing wifi network and to do this you need to first connect it to your network. You can do this either by pressing the WPS buttons on your router and the repeater and allow them to link automatically. The more certain way is to connect your PC to the repeater with the Ethernet cable, use your web browser to go the default address for the repeater – – login with the name and password ‘admin’ (no quotes) and then configure it manually.

The web interface is well designed and easy to use, but it bit slow to open. You can then connect it to your existing wifi network. This done, you need to position the repeater midway between the router and dead spot to boost the dead spot coverage. Take note this repeater only works with the older 2.4Ghz band and not the additional 5Ghz also used by high-end routers. Almost all routers use still 2.4Ghz, so the repeater will work, but you will miss out on the higher 5Ghz speed.

For the budget £20.99 price, this is a nice little repeater that works well, is easy to use but there are now many more up to date and better-specified rivals.

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TOSING 008 Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

This newly updated Karaoke microphone from Tosing is a better made and more versatile product than I was expecting for the £29.99 Amazon price.

With this microphone, you can sing over an existing recording with the sound coming from the built-in twin speakers or outputted to an external device through the headphone port or Bluetooth. The music source can be live audio, TF card, Bluetooth, or wired. with controls for audio volume, Mode, track advance/return, and Track voice mute.

Using the device is easy enough. I tested it with both Bluetooth and a wired connection to my Android phone and both worked the first time. It will operate with most types of Karaoke app and there is a button.to mute the original vocal so you just have the backing track to sing over. The microphone has built-in echo which cannot be disabled, which is a nuisance but otherwise, the sound quality is excellent. If the echo could be disabled, the mic could serve perfectly well for general use as a budget location or stage microphone.

Sound quality is far better than I expected, as was the Bluetooth link which for me was instantaneous, and free of dropouts or latency. The device is easy to configure and simple to use. Above all, it is great enjoyable and for the singer at least entertaining. As with any mic, keep the microphone output level setting as low as possible and the mic as far from the mouth as possible, to avoid overloading or distortion.

This is a fun device, that is a cut above the throwaway low-end rivals and would make a great gift for any singers in your family.

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VMEI i9 7 in 1 Wireless Charging Station

This stylish and upmarket Charging Station from VMEI incorporates the latest tech and supports the latest standards to charge pretty much any device you have.

In the box is the charging station, UK power supply, wireless charging pad, and a well written and nicely printed User Guide. Build quality has a premium and high end feel and nothing looks likely to fail anytime soon. No charging cables are included.

Although working well with Android the charger seems particularly Apple friendly and supports not only iPhones and iPads but also the Apple Watch. You need to use the charging cable and adapter supplied with your Apple Watch the and charging station offers physical and power integration with it.

On the top face is the Apple Watch and wireless phone charging interfaces (the twin coils charging pad can be removed when not in use), and on the rear is the Input: 36W DC port in port, the USB-C, and USB 3 QC output ports together with the Off/On switch for the integrated night light which offers three brightness levels and selectable colours. It is a pity the wireless charging plate can be removed and used separately to allow use by other smartwatches or wirelessly charged devices.

The charging station looks great, with a classy upmarket feel, and works well, and for the £32.99 Amazon price is an excellent buy.

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Fantaseal Phone Hand Grip Holder Set

This simple but versatile phone grip set from Fantaseal can be used either with your smartphone or camera to give a more stable and comfortable way of holding the device.

In the box are the handgrip, lanyard, cleaning cloth and drawstring carry bag. The handgrip and phone clamp are made from robust plastic with metal used for the screw mounts and locking mechanism. All seems well made and tough enough to stand regular use.

The two parts of the phone mount are held together with large easy turn knobs and when assembled can quickly be rotated from verticle to horizontal format. On the top of the mount above the phone is a cold shoe mount to allow a microphone or light to be fitted. The camera screw mount on the handgrip can also be used with a DSLR or camcorder for more stable handling.

Using it with a phone or camera makes the device far easier and more intuitive to manipulate without adding greatly to the weight.

Priced at £14.99 this is a good buy for anyone that wants to improve their camerawork without paying too much money.

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YOUNGDO Rechargeable Bluetooth Weighing Scales

Traditionally bathroom scales were big and heavy, even the high tech digital ones, and so I was very interested to try this new lightweight model from YOUNGDO , particularly so at the current Amazon price of just £25.99, a bargain compared to rival units from Polar, Fitbit, etc. I was pleased to find it is accurate, simple to set up, and does a lot more than just tell you your weight.

In the box is the scale itself, together with a USB charging cable and a well written and easy to read User Guide. As you would expect with a device like this it is robust, well made and there seems very little that can go wrong with it. The device is attractive deigned with the four silver sensors marked from the black striped surface of the scale which also sports the flush-mounted red LED display. I include a scan of the excellent concise User Guide on the end of my unboxing video.

Build quality seems fine and although it still strikes me as odd to have bathroom scales made from plastic I must say that this model seems robust and well made enough to withstand the knocks and bangs of daily life. In the past I have struggled to get inside the battery compartment on some scales I have used but not so here asit is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, it takes up to four hours to charge from any USB port using the standard USB 2.0 cable provided

Before using the scale you have to first download and register the SCALE UP app, which is easy enough to do using a disposable email address if you wish. Once you have done that and set up the app with your height, age, etc you are ready to take a reading. The scale will then automatically push each new measurement to the app which will then track your weight, BMI, Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat, Body Water, Bone Mass, and BMR and can interface seamlessly with Google Fit, Fitbit and even a range of social media apps.

To use the scales, which should be positioned on a hard and flat surface, just step on them and wait for the large LED display to blink as it confirms the measurement. The four onboard sensors, accurate to 0.1kg/0.2lb can track weights up to 400 lb /180 kg. Unlike with other older rivals, there is no need to pair the scale with your phone, for me at least, it just worked straight from the box. The scale shows you your weight on the display as well as (optionally) speaking it aloud and displaying and recording it on the app. It supports up to 99 separate user accounts with all measurements recorded and available on demand.

This is an attractively designed, entry-level bathroom scale, that works well and is simple to use and gives you access to multiple online app-based health monitoring systems at about 25% of the price of the Big Name rivals.

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Zonee Reusable Food Storage Bags – 8 Pack

This set of reusable snack and storage bags from Zonee arrived in minimal but adequate packaging in accordance with the environmentally friendly claims of the product. No paperwork or other items were included and none needed.

The bags, six 259 x 198 mm flat bags and two 198 x 150 mm balloon base bags are made from extra thick FDA-grade Eco-friendly PEVA materials – a type of biodegradable silicone – and feel soft and flexible to the touch but almost impossible to tear or puncture in normal use. Both sizes of bag have a double 2.5 cm ziplock seal and are very secure when closed. The material above the ziplock is larger than on most rivals to allow for a better grip. In my tests, after careful sealing, the bags could be upended safely when full of water, but I do not advise storing fluids in them.

The silicon-based material from which they are made is flexible, foldable and very strong and should last for years with careful use. Unlike most lesser rivals these have a double ziplock seal which makes them less likely to pop open in transit and better able to keep the contents both fresh and protected.

The bags are fine for use in the freezer but are not suitable for microwaving. For food and lunch storage these bags are safer and more eco-friendly than cling film or most throwaway bags and with care should last for years. Although they are listed as being safe up to 80℃ it is advised not to store hot food in them and to handwash only.

For the current Amazon price of £13.99 (promotions may be available at the checkout), given the good quality and potential long life of the bags, this is not a bad price indeed.

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Oladwolf Electric Plasma Arc Lighter

Throw your matches away! This little USB powered device will light your fire or your fag even in the strongest wind.

I have used an electric arc lighter before and I have to say I always get a childish delight from using them. This new one from Oladwolf is just as much fun to use as the others!

The lighter arrived well packaged in a stylish presentation box belying the £10.99 price and making it doubly attractive as a gift. Inside the box was the lighter itself together with a short but good quality USB to micro-USB charging cable. Don’t worry about losing the cable as any standard micro-USB cable will work just as well. Simple instructions are included repeated in small and hard to read type on the box.

Build quality is excellent with the device body made from high-grade matt finish plastic with the gooseneck itself from metal. The device has a quality look and feel to it that belies the current Amazon price of £10.99. On the side is a locking on/off switch, important to prevent the device from being switched on accidentally from the ignition button next to it. The USB 2 charging port is on the end of the unit.

Using the device is perfectly simple. First, fully charge the Lithium-ion battery until all the blue status LEDs are lit . We are warned not to overcharge to protect the battery. . The description says that up to 500 ignitions can be obtained from one charge, which is quite a bit better than the rival devices I have tried. Slide the power switch to On and press the adjacent button to obtain a spark, which in fact is not actually a spark but a tiny electrical discharge between the two terminals on the end of the gooseneck. The gooseneck can be rotated and bent to shape as required for use in awkward locations. I was unsure how well it would work but in fact as my video shows it instantly lit my test candle.

The Good
Good Price
Attractive Design
Works Well
Uses standard micro-USB charging
Flexible Gooseneck

The Bad
Non-retractable neck
No storage bag

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EasySMX Optical Gaming Mouse

This attractive, entry-level mouse from renowned gaming supplies manufacturer EasySMX, is well priced at just £10.99 for which you get an excellent quality lightweight gaming mouse.

In the box is just the mouse and an annoyingly hard to read specification sheet in a host of languages. Build quality seems fine and although purposefully lightweight this mouse seems well made and pretty robust. It has a 1.8m woven cable which is pleasingly tangle-free.

The honeycomb shell mouse has eight buttons in total including underside buttons to control the USB refresh rate and LED status light. On top is the usual thumbwheel and DPI rate control which offers six rates between 400 and 6400 DPI with a bright colour coded internal LED status light.

The mouse is one of the lightest I have ever used at just 68g and glides smoothly over the desk, the buttons feel responsive and positive and are easy to use. There is no driver CD included and the buttons are not customisable unless a third-party utility is employed but that means that the device will work straight from the box.

This is an excellent quality lightweight gaming mouse available at a price that will certainly not break the bank.

The Good
Good Attractive design
Great price
LED illumination
1.8M heavy-duty cable
Six step DPI range
Adjustable USB Rate

The Bad
No Driver Software
No Weight adjustment
Not Customisable From The Box

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